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Is ride-sharing giant Uber is getting into the shipping business? It appears the answer to that question is, yes. Uber has launched Uber Freight, which, for now, will operate similar to its ride-sharing app. Users will be able to find on-demand shipping services from a network of drivers operating on Uber’s system.

But the real interesting aspect is Uber’s acquisition last year of autonomous trucking startup Otto. While it appears Uber Freight will not use Otto’s self-driving trucks for the time being, it may be time for the world to start preparing itself for autonomous trucks.

With Uber’s involvement, Otto’s trucks will use GPS tracking and the real-time data gathered from human users to build the most efficient routes. The tech industry’s interest in trucking continues to grow, meaning all eyes will be on Uber and the success of Uber Freight.

And while the technology continues to develop and regulators figure out how to govern self-driving trucks, you can read more about Uber Freight and Otto here:


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