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Fleet Management for the Oil and Gas Industry

Optimize asset utilization and safety

Across the world, oil and gas operations face an array of health, safety and environmental concerns. In the face of increasing regulatory oversight, oil & gas operators should implement effective management systems to help ensure the safety of workers, while protecting the environment. Teletrac Navman’s suite of GPS fleet management solutions enables the oil & gas industry to optimize their asset utilization and improve safety standards.

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We provide complete visibility over all oil and gas equipment.

Our oil and gas solutions

Driver Fatigue Management and Rest Break Alerting: Protect your mobile workforce and business with our innovative, end-to-end driving hours solution. Ensure drivers are taking timely breaks and adhering to company policies.

Driver Identification: If multiple drivers use the same vehicle, Driver ID can distinguish which driver is behind the wheel and report on associated behavior.

Driver Scorecard and Behavior Monitoring: Provides fleet managers and drivers visibility into driving behaviors impacting safe driving, unnecessary fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear.

Satellite Communication: Continue to have visibility and communicate with your field staff operating outside of cellular coverage.

High Definition Data: Review your vehicle movements second by second in DIRECTOR drilling down into journey history, driver behavior and incident investigation.

Messaging and Navigation: Communicate quickly with your field staff by sending and receiving messages from the office to the vehicle. The navigation feature enables you to route drivers automatically to the destination.

Panic Button: Used to alert key personnel of a critical situation. Notifications can be received via mobile devices or within DIRECTOR highlighting the vehicle’s location, date and time.

How our solutions help your business


  • Visibility of drivers' locations and status at all times
  • Monitoring “at risk” driving behavior
  • Managing driver fatigue

Reduce costs by:

  • Reducing unauthorized usage saving on fuel and maintenance costs
  • Improving driver behavior such as excessive idling and reducing harsh vehicle usage
  • Smarter allocation of vehicles in geographic locations

Improve utilization through:

  • Understanding fleet size and usage for informed decisions to be made
  • Maintaining vehicle services timely and reducing unexpected downtime
  • Allocating a job to a fit-for-purpose vehicle

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