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2G Sunset Frequently Asked Questions

What the 2G sunset means for you

This page will help answer your questions about the 2G Sunset and how your fleet operations may be affected.

What is happening?
Telecommunications carriers are retiring their 2G network towers in favor of faster networks. AT&T’s 2G Sunset is scheduled to be complete by January 1, 2017.

How is my company affected?
The shutdown is already underway with more towers entering inactivity each month. If your business uses 2G GPS tracking devices, you may already experience data latency or reporting outages for vehicles and assets operating in impacted areas. We envision further coverage deterioration during the second half of the year.

How do I know if I have 2G devices?
Simply call 1.800.659.4163 or email 2GUpgrades@teletracnavman.com our dedicated 2G Upgrade Team to find out if your GPS tracking devices are impacted.

What should I do?
To prevent an unexpected lapse in your fleet operations, it is important to plan your upgrade now. Teletrac Navman offers dedicated and free customer support services for a seamless transition to new compatible hardware. Contact us today at the phone number or email address below to help you plan your transition.

Who should I contact?
Call or email us today to help you design and implement a transition plan to a faster, higher-capacity network.

Phone: 1.800.659.4163
Email: 2GUpgrades@teletracnavman.com