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Reality Check: Will ELDs Hurt Your Bottom Line? 

Depends. Not all devices will help you in the long run, financially. What are some of the impacts of implementing the wrong ELD system? From upfront hardware and installation costs to a loss in fleet productivity, the wrong ELD can have a lasting effect on your business. Choosing an ELD integrated with GPS Fleet Tracking software will help you recoup the lost revenue, upfront costs and then some.

Access the ELD Resource Center to get the infographic that explores the numbers behind the true costs of ELDs and what you can do to ensure you're not leaving any profits behind. Along with the infographic you'll have unlimited access to a number of ELD-related information guiding you to profitable compliance.



Access the ELD Resource Center To Get the Full Infographic and More

Don't Just Comply to Survive, Comply and Thrive

Fill out the form to dive into the numbers and learn how to recoup the costs of ELDs and potentially save up to $50,600/yr. 

Beyond the infographic, The ELD Resource Center will give you unlimited access to informational content that explores all aspects of the mandate and the technology. Cut through the clutter with only the most crucial details provided in tools such as the:

  • ELD 101 ebook that includes a checklist to help you get started on your road to compliance
  • ELD FAQs as answered by members of the FMCSA during a live broadcast in partnership with Teletrac Navman
  • ELD Buyer's Guide helping you choose the right HOS solution for your business
  • ELD Survival Handbook giving you a crash course on conquering the mandate
  • ...as well as HOS videos, ELD-related news and tips and more.