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Reliably comply, zero paperwork

Mastering GPS fleet management regulations through intelligent compliance solutions

Easy. Accurate. Automated.

Did you know you can eliminate hours of paperwork, faxing, filing, and the never-ending paper trail associated with the old way of doing the business of compliance? For nearly a decade, Teletrac Navman has developed reliable, automated compliance fleet management products to help businesses stay ahead of the changing regulatory landscape. Our intelligent, electronic compliance solution, DIRECTOR® ELD, takes the weight off your shoulders while removing human error from the equation.

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Business benefits beyond compliance

Accurate compliance data improves decisions at multiple layers of an organization. Information about fuel taxes, vehicle inspections, and driver behavior all influence financial and operational choices that are being made on a daily basis. Teletrac Navman funnels ELD, IFTA and DVIR data through one platform, greatly reducing work for your staff and guaranteeing compliance with the FMCSA ELD regulations. It also improves a fleet’s profile in federal programs such as Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA).

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