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Saving Fuel on Earth Day - Copy


Happy Earth Day! In the spirit of protecting the Earth’s natural resources, Teletrac is celebrating ways to cut down on fuel costs.

Teletrac is currently saving 28 million gallons of fuel and 280,000 tons of carbon dioxide by encouraging smarter driving each year.

Our services continue to foster the efficient use of vehicles to avoid congestion, eliminate wasted journeys and reduce environmental impact.

Did you know?

  • There are over 500 million automobiles on Earth today that burn an average of 2 gallons of fuel each day.
  • The most inefficient use of fuel? Vehicle idling. This eco-unfriendly habit receives zero miles a gallon.
  • Idling for one hour burns nearly one gallon of gasoline.
  • Idling for 10 seconds uses the same amount of gas as restarting your car.
  • Every gallon of gas used per day produces 19 pounds of carbon dioxide.
  • A poorly maintained engine uses up to 15 % more energy when idling than a well-tuned vehicle.
  • Keeping your vehicle in good condition is crucial to higher fuel efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Vehicle upkeep, such as maintaining tires, air filters and engine oil, can increase fuel efficiency by up to 10%.
  • Driving at a moderate speed can exponentially increase fuel economy. Reducing speeds from 70 to 55 mph can increase fuel economy by 15%.

Teletrac believes acting in an environmentally responsible manner extends beyond the abilities of our products and services—this principle should reflect the way we do business.

Our company is committed to managing all of its activities to provide high levels of care and safety for the environment.

Each day Teletrac finds new ways to protect and preserve our eco-system. Because the Earth is here for all of us. And we're here for the long-haul.

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