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Talking GPS Tracking and Safety With Our Customer, Poolman - Copy


Today we interview Fred Wagner, president of Poolman Inc., about his experience using GPS fleet tracking software to prevent unauthorized vehicle use and increase safe driving within his company.

Teletrac: Why did your company initially decide to choose a GPS tracking solution?

Fred: Initially, we had suspicions about vehicle misuse. We have 70 vehicles on the road and had no way to track them. The more we heard about Teletrac, the more we liked what we were hearing. That was about 8 years ago, it's been phenomenal. It’s been a complete return on investment. The unit is outstanding. We just upgraded to safety analytics and we're looking forward to using it to help our safe driving program.

Teletrac: Have any of your vehicles been stolen?

Fred: We had one vehicle stolen. One of our techs had left his keys in the truck and when we came out of the backyard, the truck was gone. We notified the police and were able to view the vehicle's location using Teletrac. We saw right where the truck was at and where it was going. We had our vehicle back in our possession within 15 minutes. Without Teletrac, we probably would have never seen the truck again.

Teletrac: Tell us a little bit about your company’s proposed driver safety program.

Fred: We're rolling out a driver safety program using Teletrac's safety analytics software. Each month, the company's safest driver will receive a $100 check. We determine the safest driver using Teletrac's safety analytics scores. That will hopefully entice more people to drive safer and smarter on the road. When I told my insurance company about our new safety analytics software, they loved it and bid us slack for the year which was fantastic.

Teletrac: Sometimes fleet drivers are apprehensive about using vehicle tracking software. How did you explain the merits of fleet automation software within your company?

Fred: Drivers hate seeing accusations about not doing their job when they were. We let drivers know that the software protects them if they're doing their job. If they're not doing their job, then the software protects the consumer and me.

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