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Teletrac Navman

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After Other Providers Disappointed, Roadside Transport Achieved Massive Savings


As a leader in automotive transportation, Roadside Transport needed a fleet-management solution that offered state-of-the-art tracking capabilities, but other systems didn’t give the company enough insight. Teletrac Navman offers Roadside Transport easier, more efficient and more affordable monitoring.

Robust reporting increases visibility

Whether trucks are lost, late or need to provide ETA, Roadside Transport needs to find their vehicles fast. Our award-winning software offers analytical tools that provide superior tracking. “Teletrac Navman querying and reporting is the best I’ve seen. It really makes our jobs a lot easier,” says Joe Best, director of operations for Roadside Transport. In addition, he’s saved hours by using State Mileage Reports to accurately tally road-use.

Real savings on fuel costs

Controlling excessive idling and speeding proved to be key in reducing Roadside Transport’s overall fuel budget. Teletrac Navman analytical tools help the company identify drivers in violation of no-idle and no speeding policies. As a result, fuel bills are down by at least 10%.

Additional highlights from Teletrac Navman

  • Increased Safety: Satellite mapping helps dispatch safely and quickly re-route trucks, saving drivers the trouble of searching paper maps while on the road.
  • Improved Customer Communications: Querying allows dispatch to proactively update customers with accurate ETAs.
  • Monitored Improper Vehicle Usage: Geofences help cut down unauthorized use by recording exact times trucks leave in the morning, stop at their designated locations and return at night.
  • Advanced Payroll Processes: Time Sheet Reports help Roadside pay their employees without spending any time adding up hours or dealing with disputes.
  • Optimized Routing: Route-To functionality allows dispatch to route the closest vehicle to the job site within moments of a customer call.


Since Implementing Teletrac Navman, Roadside Transport has:

  • Averaged a monthly savings of: $843.75 per vehicle
  • Seen a total monthly savings of: $12,656.25
  • Achieved a total yearly savings of: $151,875

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