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Teletrac Navman

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United Road Towing Improves Dispatching and Safety with GPS Fleet Tracking


Teletrac Navman helps tow company meet customer demands and grow business

United Road Towing, which operates a fleet of 550 vehicles across seven locations, completes 40,000 tows each year. In addition to ELD compliance, Teletrac Navman GPS fleet tracking has been key to helping the company meet time-sensitive requests and strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs) on municipal contracts, says Jim Ferguson, chief information officer.

Faster dispatching and automated job assignments

With trucks moving around cities daily but also traveling over 100 miles, knowing where each is in their route is key. Each dispatch office has a big-screen TV displaying the Teletrac Navman fleet management system’s map view so that when dispatchers get a time-sensitive call they can quickly see where each truck is and identify the nearest driver.

Dispatchers put assignment details into their integrated dispatching software, connected through an API, and the job is automatically pushed to the driver’s in-cab Teletrac Navman tablet, avoiding having to call each driver directly.

"We have two or three dispatchers managing 60-70 trucks, all with high need assignments. There's just no way you can do it without the Teletrac Navman software." - Jim Ferguson, CIO

GPS tracking also let United Road Towing create a disaster recovery business. In a flood or hurricane, they can quickly mobilize fleets in locations they don’t normally operate. Jim has seen backlogs of 20,000 calls from insurance companies and says they couldn’t possibly respond to disasters without the GPS data. It lets the company pick up extra revenue and help the area recover.

Monitoring and building on safety programs

United Road Towing uses the Teletrac Navman system to improve driver safety and reinforce what drivers have learned in the Smith System driving training. It runs frequent driver behavior reports and uses the data in weekly meetings to show drivers real-world instances of speeding or following too close, which has helped minimize tailgating and rear-ending incidents. It also helps identify drivers who need to repeat classroom training or even to be taken off the road if data shows continuous issues.

Addressing these behaviors also allows United Road to improve fuel efficiency. In addition to monitoring safety, fleet managers keep an eye on harsh driving or idling that wastes fuel, especially when trucks are staged, waiting near certain tow locations.

Improved client relations

Real-time insights and communication from Teletrac Navman helps United Road Towing meet SLAs, getting on site in the agreed upon amount of time. It also serves as a system of record, logging each call that comes in, when it was communicated to a truck, when that truck was in route and when it arrived. If clients question if the SLA was met, these reports serve as proof. United Road Towing also receives automated weekly reports, letting them proactively avoid problems or questions down the road.

Of the solution, Jim says “Our CEO is a huge believer. He’s been in the business long enough to know the safety, performance, and accountability benefits of the Teletrac Navman platform.”


Since implementing Teletrac Navman, United Road Towing has:

  • Streamlined processes for faster dispatching and automating job assignments
  • Developed internal safety programs to improve driver safety
  • Improved client relations by meeting time-sensitive SLAs quicker

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