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Training Resources

We appreciate your business and as a valued customer, we want to provide you training that will help you feel confident using Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR.

Live Web Training

You begin by registering for Live Web Training classes. You can choose your date and time. See the recommended 1st class below.

Getting Started with DIRECTOR Series

  • DIRECTOR: Setting up ~ Every Tuesday at 11 am (Eastern) or 10 am (Central) or 8 am (Pacific)
  • DIRECTOR Managing Your Fleet ~ Every Tuesday at 12 pm (Eastern) or 11 am (Central) or 9 am (Pacific)

Each class is 30 minutes and recommended for success in DIRECTOR.

Get Registered

  1. Click and navigate to the Teletrac Navman Training Schedule.
  2. Scroll down the page to select the session and date you would like to register for.
  3. Click the Register button.
  4. Enter your Email Address, First and Last Name and Company Name then click Submit.
  5. You will receive an email confirmation that you can add to your calendar to get a notification at the time of the session.

Note: You can display the training classes by list or by date in a calendar. You will see that there are other live classes we offer and recommend you take those after you complete the Getting Started class.

Training Center

The Training Center is available for you to learn Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR at your pace and at any time.

Access the Training Center

  1. To access the Training Center, go to https://learning.teletracnavman.com
  2. Log in using the username and password sent you in the Training Welcome email.

Follow these easy steps to get started with your training!

  • Step 1: Once logged in, click on My Courses at the top of the page, then the Open button to access your training resources.
  • Step 2: Select the learning plan that best fits your needs.
    • Introduction To DIRECTOR And Webinars ~ Provides an introduction to the DIRECTOR software and access to our live and recorded webinars.
    • Training Materials Based On Your Job Role ~ Customized learning paths based on user roles within your company, i.e. Dispatcher, Fleet Operations, Safety Compliance, etc.
    • All Training Resources – For your reference ~ Provides access to ALL training resources. Perfect for self-paced, feature specific training.

If you have any questions in regards to using our system or the training that is available, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Training team at uscustomertraining@teletracnavman.com