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Teletrac Navman

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Equipment Management for the Construction Industry

Helping you manage your assets across jobsites to achieve excellence across your operation.

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Tough Telematics Solutions

Paving the way for real-time transformation

From yellow iron to pickup trucks, earthworks to paving, you’re managing complex projects, cost factors, and multiple jobsites. Bid more accurately on jobs when you gain visibility into equipment utilization, performance and productivity.

Teletrac Navman equipment management software lets you take advantage of data to increase productivity, reduce costs, and ensure proper equipment utilization.

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Benefits of Equipment Management

Tracking your resources across the globe

Equipment Utilization 570X543

Measure Asset Utilization

Our equipment management software allows you to locate valuable equipment on jobsites, reduce unnecessary rentals, monitor engine hours and fuel consumption, as well as prevent unauthorized use or theft with geofencing. Also know when equipment is not being used and could be reallocated to a different jobsite.

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR fleet monitoring solutions provide an easy-to-use platform that allows you to keep your fleets efficient, from enabling the most efficient routes that reduces miles driven, keeps fuel costs low and provides valuable insight to ensure you have the right sized fleet to meet your business demands.

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Maintenance Fuel 570X543

Improve Preventative Maintenance

Conducting regular preventative maintenance substantially increases productivity and boosts profits. Our software helps you understand equipment maintenance needs across your entire business in real time.

Set alerts and keep track of records in one system accessible anywhere, on any device. Create maintenance logs, track engine hours, plan preventative repairs, identify equipment that may be due for scheduled maintenance, and maximize equipment utilization.

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Jobsite Management 570X543

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Gain a detailed, real-time and historic understanding of your total operation, and identify areas in which you can achieve greater efficiency.

Complete fleet visibility enables you to monitor planned progress, payloads, cycle times and daily production targets. Reducing costs, increasing ROI and streamlining billing practices helps you to take on extra jobs.

Business Intelligence Equipment 570X543

Manage Ownership Costs

Keeping track of your equipment allows you to produce reports that help you make educated decisions. You can see the cost of ownership for each piece of equipment and which ones are breaking down most often. You can also track rental costs to help decide when to rent versus buy and know when a new piece of equipment will start paying for itself.

Get a clear picture of your equipment ownership costs with tracking software and discover opportunities to save money.

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Video Telematics

Video Telematics

Reduce risk and create a more rewarding workplace with a flexible video telematics solution that is fully integrated into our fleet management platform, TN360. Easily access the data you need to improve safety, streamline coaching and protect drivers.

  • Video AI monitors driving behavior including speeding, distracted driving and tailgating
  • Real-time feedback, scorecards and coaching apps create a culture of safety
  • Instant access to video to protect drivers against false claims

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Specialty Industries

Uniquely serving your business

Accordian Aggregate Mining Construction 650X365

From efficiently achieving daily extraction targets to managing equipment utilization, Teletrac Navman serves the aggregate mining, logistics and quarrying industries with a range of telematics solutions.

Managing production demands, costs and a range of on-road and off-road assets becomes easier with real-time data. Get the advantage of GPS, maintenance scheduling, and production data analytics solutions.

Accordian Concrete Construction 650X365

Getting concrete to site quickly and efficiently as well as tracking delivery details and providing accurate progress reports are among the many benefits of telematics solutions.

Concrete suppliers must manage timely deliveries of ready-mix concrete to multiple customers and sites while maintaining quality and efficiency. Real-time telematics makes these challenges easier. Teletrac Navman serves the ready-mix concrete industry with GPS location, job dispatch, electronic record keeping and data analytics solutions.

Accordian Asphalt Construction 650X365

Transporting aggregate to sites quickly and efficiently as well as understanding asset utilization and providing accurate delivery reports is part of how technology can transform your operations. Teletrac Navman serves asphalt and paving contractors with a range of telematics solutions.

Paving companies face the challenge of managing the timely delivery of asphalt and paving to multiple sites as well as coordinating a range of assets. Real-time data ensures customers receive timely deliveries. Teletrac Navman empowers asphalt and paving contractors with GPS location, navigation, dispatch and data analytics solutions.

Accordian Trade Construction 650X365

Keep jobs working on your schedule. Complete more jobs on time and get visibility into remote workforce activity. Focus your resources in the right areas and rectify site issues that cause drops in productivity. Manage driver behavior, encourage safe driving across your business and reduce vehicle-running expense.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions, and we’re here to help

Equipment tracking and asset management systems give managers the information they need to minimize equipment hoarding as the software measures machine work versus idle time, helping management identify underutilized assets. You can also establish “internal rental rates” to financially incentivize employees to return equipment promptly.

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A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) allows you to automate monitoring and scheduling vehicle maintenance. Using a CMMS can make scheduling of maintenance more efficient and reduce administrative labor. The system can monitor maintenance intervals for an entire fleet and provide automatic reminders when ordinary maintenance is due. This proactive approach can prevent equipment failure and unexpected, expensive repairs.

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Construction Transport FAQ 570X440

Case Study

Sherwood Construction

Every construction company worries about equipment theft. When it happened to Sherwood Construction, thankfully the GPS tracking provided by Teletrac Navman led them and the police to the exact barn their stolen loader backhoe was in as well as the location of another stolen skid steer. These would have cost over $160,000 to replace and, according to Doug King, Equipment Manager at Sherwood Construction, recovering either by itself would have paid for the entire technology system, not to mention the operational and efficiency gains it provided.

Sherwood Construction Customer Case Study Hero

Case Study

Louis Smith Construction

Teletrac’s telematics service made it simpler and easier for the contractor to keep track of its vehicles, in the process saving time, effort, and money. Louis Smith Construction also raves about the user-friendly way the Teletrac service delivers information, commenting that “we really like the daily reports, quick and easy and right at our fingertips first thing in the morning.” The human part of the equation earns equally rave reviews—any issues that come up are dealt with quickly and in a professional manner and Teletrac personnel show a genuine interest in making their clients happy.

Louis Smith Customer Case Study Hero


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