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Teletrac Navman

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Fleet Maintenance Software

Cut costs and increase vehicle up-time with fleet maintenance software

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Fleet Maintenance Software

Keep your vehicles on the road

No one likes surprises when it comes to maintenance. Our award winning fleet maintenance software helps avoid last-minute shocks and trips to the shop. Recognize the signs and address them before a maintenance issue raises its head with our suite of customizable preventative maintenance and inspection tools.

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Fleet Maintenance Software by Teletrac Navman

Preventative Maintenance

Keep your vehicles on the road

With digital maintenance planning software you can ensure vehicle maintenance happens at the optimal time, helping to keep your fleet operational. The calendaring tool lets users set manufacturer-suggested or custom maintenance intervals and instant maintenance alerts make sure even small fixes aren’t ignored. 

Maintenance Reporting by Teletrac Navman
Advanced Engine Diagnostics Report by Teletrac Navman

Engine Diagnostics

See the symptoms early

Real-time engine diagnostics keep fleets on the road and fleet managers in the know by providing critical insights into vehicle health. Instantly see if immediate maintenance is required and plan for future maintenance based on vehicle health and work schedules.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Report

Remove paper processes

Electronic DVIRs are a top priority for companies to identify vehicle operation needs and safety issues. Drivers can now complete and submit daily vehicle inspections on handheld devices, building a digital audit trail of pre and post trip inspections and any required maintenance that was completed.

Electronic DVIR by Teletrac Navman
Manage Ownership Cost

Maintenance Cost Tracking

Measure true cost of ownership

Understand the cost of ownership with digital maintenance cost tracking and reporting. Get insight into maintenance frequency and cost to help you decide the best times to replace vehicles.

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