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Video Telematics

Reduce risk and create a more rewarding workplace

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Our diverse range of fully connected cameras deliver the real-time visibility you need to simplify risk management.

All our cameras are fully integrated into our fleet management software, TN360, so you can easily access the data you need to improve safety, streamline coaching and protect drivers. With the latest video AI capabilities, our integrated coaching applications and numerous camera solutions you get the flexibility to select the cameras that are perfect for your business.

Visual Identity
Icon Improve Safety


Improve Safety

Driver Rewards

Video supported performance scorecards create an engaging rewards program that your team will believe in, so you can build a culture of safety across your entire business. 

Icon Streamline Coaching


Streamline Coaching

Incident Avoidance

Our coaching app monitors driver performance for dangerous actions, including speeding, distracted driving and tailgating, prompting them to correct risky behavior.

Icon Protect Driver


Protect Drivers

Manage Liability

Reduce accident liability with undeniable evidence to exonerate drivers in the event of accidents or disputes, which help protect you insurance history and business reputation. 

Icon reduce impact


Reduce Impact

Environmental Sustainability

Reduce actions that increase emissions by providing your team with feedback that helps them drive more efficiently. 


Fleet operations are complex, with different vehicles performing different jobs in different locations.

One Platform

One Platform

Our fully integrated camera solutions allow you to utilize our range of cameras across your fleet and access insight from one central console in the TN360 platform. This ensures you have the perfect camera solution and streamlines how you access the information you need.

  • The flexibility to use a range of cameras across your fleet
  • Access all recordings in one dashboard with filters for event category, driver and date
  • Easily request footage for non-recorded events from the TN360 platform
Build Your Solution
IQ Camera

IQ Camera

The perfect entry into video telematics. The AI-powered IQ Camera is a single device solution that provides enhanced driver status monitoring, real-time feedback and instant video access, so you can protect your team on the road.

  • AI-Powered driver status monitoring including harsh maneuvers and distracted driving
  • Real-time driver assistance for harsh maneuvering, speeding, tailgating, and lane departure
  • Instant access to video from recorded events and a simple mechanism to request footage for set time periods
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Smart Dashcam Dual

Smart Dashcam - Dual

Turn video into coaching and rewards. The Smart Dashcam - Dual improves driver safety with personalized coaching and driver rewards. With powerful video AI you can understand driver behavior like never before, and take a balanced approach to coaching, that you and your drivers will trust.

  • Personalized driver coaching app based on an individuals risk profile detailing scores and coaching actions to be taken
  • Records and rewards positive driver actions creating a balanced driver safety program
  • Advanced driver behavior analytics  platform*

* Dedicated platform outside of TN360

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Smart Dashcam - QUAD

Smart Dashcam - Quad

Get complete visibility. The Smart Dashcam - Quad adds an additional level of protection for your drivers, with wide angle lenses capturing almost all of the road environment, giving you complete visibility for incident re-construction.

  • Everything included in the Smart Dashcam - Dual +
  • 4 camera solution with wide angle lenses that capture almost all of the road environment
  • Monitor the road ahead, the driver and left/right side views from the vehicle
  • Instant access to video from all 4 cameras for recorded events and simple mechanism to request footage  
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The Smart Dashcam has given us greater transparency into driver behavior. The system helps us to understand their performance, keeping safety as a priority, while continually coaching drivers to make the best decisions.

Sam Ward, Operations Managers at JR Stephens


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