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Asset Tracking

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All Your Assets Managed in One Platform

Keep Jobs on Track and Profit Margins Intact With an Effective Asset Management Solution

All your powered assets, non-powered equipment and tools are visible in one, powerful ecosystem. Get location data, including verifiable chain-of-custody reports, to performance and usage analytics on everything from heavy equipment to non-powered tools. Use our hard-wired, battery or solar-powered GPS tracking devices to see everything on one platform. Find the asset you need, when you need it, and help ensure your projects stay on time and on budget.

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Flexible Asset Tracking Solutions

Find The Assets You Need, Instantly

Track a wide range of equipment and assets in one platform and get the visibility to optimize utilization and maintenance scheduling.

Heavy Equipment Maintenance

Heavy Equipment

Track your heavy equipment location, status, usage, maintenance, and more with rugged GPS trackers that can hold up to harsh conditions.

  • Collect detailed engine diagnostics, including engine hours, idle time, fuel use, and more. 
  • Enable automatic maintenance scheduling and pair alongside field apps for pre-trip, post-trip, and general inspections. 
  • Reduce equipment hoarding and end unnecessary equipment rentals and job delays due to poor equipment inventory.

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On Road Vehicles

Many commercial vehicles can benefit from professionally installed GPS tracking for driver hours management, but the benefits stretch beyond compliance, and can help you run a safer and more efficient fleet.

  • Professional or self-install options are available.
  • Track driver hours with integrated tachograph
  • Monitor driver behavior, including speeding, distracted driving, fatigue, and much more.  
  • See location and usage data and cut down on theft and unauthorized use. 

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Light powered asset

Small Powered Assets

Powered tools and other portable assets, such as generators, light towers, and mobile signage are susceptible to theft and easy to misplace. Tracking these devices is vital to maintaining proper inventory and ensuring a tool is where it’s supposed to be when you need it.

  • Understand where an asset is located and if it’s being used.
  • Reduce theft and lower rental costs with proper inventory management.
  • Plan maintenance around asset location and use schedules. 

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Non-powered assets

Non-Powered Assets

Battery- and solar-powered GPS trackers are the perfect matches for trailers and other non-powered equipment and tools. Securely mounted devices provide similar coverage to their powered counterparts.  

  • Rest assured with long-lasting battery life
  • Customisable timing of location updates
  • Keep accurate chain-of-custody records and maintenance schedules

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Asset Tracking Device Types 

There are several different device types that cover a wide variety of equipment.

Rugged Asset Tracker

These rugged GPS asset tracking devices are hard-wired into the asset’s and draw analytics and diagnostics via the diagnostic port. These devices are typically installed by a professional and are the most reliable way to capture telematics data. 

Solar Asset Tracker

For non-powered assets that spend a lot of time outdoors, solar-powered trackers offer a great deal of flexibility and allow for real-time tracking for assets in transit. These rugged, tamperproof devices include battery backup for when the solar access is limited.

Battery Asset Tracker

For climates where solar power isn’t ideal battery-powered asset tracking devices are a great alternative. With a battery life that can last up to 7 years, these devices are a great way to tracking smaller equipment when real-time updates aren’t required.

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Not every tool can logistically have a GPS asset tracking strapped to it. QR codes are an excellent source of maintaining a proper chain of custody. Know exactly what job is using an asset and where and where it was checked out.

With such a comprehensive fleet of vehicles we wanted to ensure that our assets were being fully utilized and required more detailed and accurate reporting of vehicle movements.

- Gore Earthmoving

We’ve now got 100% visibility of each vehicle, which has provided us with a full picture into the safety and performance of our fleet.

- Aggregate Industries

What really pushes you to telematics is the data. The data you can gather is just amazing.

- Sherwood Construction

Frequently Asked Questions

We have the answers to your questions about GPS asset tracking

Depending on the type of device in use, GPS asset tracking can range from simple track and trace technology to full fledge equipment analytics and diagnostics. This works by connecting a device (the tracker) to a piece of equipment. Location and other data are then transferred via satellite or cellular communication systems to a cloud-based system where they are analyzed and presented in a dashboard view for users.

Asset tracking provides valuable insights into your most valuable assets. Understanding where a piece of equipment is located and how it is being used helps companies better estimate job costs, control equipment rental costs, and increase the overall lifespan of their equipment. GPS asset tracking tools provide the data job managers need to make informed decisions and ensure their jobs stay on schedule and on budget.

We offer hundreds of pre-populated reports highlighting everything from location and usage information to engine diagnostics, maintenance, and misuse information.

Using cell towers to triangulate asset locations, GPS asset trackers are accurate to within feet. Job site managers and equipment managers will never misplace another asset again with a system that’s designed to maximize the use of your most valuable assets.

Asset tracking systems can be fully customized to fit any business need. Location tracking is the most basic function and one every GPS asset tracking system should include. Beyond that, usage monitoring; performance metrics, such as operator behavior; fuel consumption, including idle time; and maintenance planning are must-haves.