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Vehicle Tracking Systems

Get complete visibility and optimize your fleet operation

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Vehicle Tracking Built for Your Business

For your needs today and your future

Get real-time visibility into the location of your vehicles and lay the foundation of a safer more sustainable future. With fully integrated driver apps, a range of safety tools and a powerful insights engine the TN360 vehicle tracking platform will set your fleet up for success.

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Vehicle Tracking Systems

Reduce Costs

Manage the costs that are impacting your bottom line

With the right vehicle tracking system you will have access to information that will help you reduce fuel costs, cut overtime and make savings on fleet insurance premiums. By having access to the data that matters most to your business in real-time, organizations can make more informed business decisions, reducing operational costs.

  • Reduce fuel spend by improving driver behavior and eliminating unauthorized vehicle use
  • Save on overtime costs by removing unnecessary downtime
  • Improve your insurance claims history and reduce premium costs
Reduced Costs

Driver Safety

Building a culture of safety

The safety of your drivers is no doubt a top priority for your organization. This starts with having well-maintained vehicles but should also focus on monitoring driver behavior and ensuring that safe driving practices are being followed.

Fleet Productivity

Digital solutions that drive process improvement

With GPS vehicle tracking software, businesses can monitor time spent at job sites or at loading bays and work to ensure drivers are more productive. With the help of digital workflow tools administrative processes can be streamlined so you and your team can focus on getting the job done.

  • Ensure time on customer sites is within expected thresholds
  • Locate and route the closest available driver to urgent jobs
  • Digitize and automate processes and streamline the workload across your workforce
Fleet Productivity
Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Gain competitive advantage and differentiate your business

Offer your customers a faster and more reliable service, whilst demonstrating your commitment to driver safety and service quality.

  • Respond to customer requests quickly with real-time information and optimal vehicle routing
  • Create a brand associated with safety and sustainability
  • Transparency into service delivery for invoicing and billing


Simplify processes and stay violation free

From driver hours of service management to maintenance planning, our vehicle tracking software can help you simplify fleet compliance. With a wide range of flexible apps you can digitize and streamline the processes that underpin compliance management.

  • Manage driver hours of service with our integrated ELD solution
  • Stay on top of maintenance from pre-trip inspections through to work completion
  • Simplify IFTA reporting and and stay compliant with DOT regulations

Key Features


Real-Time Tracking

Second by second tracking powered by Drone View

Job Dispatch

Job Dispatch

Streamline job allocation and management

Fuel Usage Monitoring

Fuel Usage Monitoring

Lower cost by improving driver performance

Insights and Alerts

Insights and Alerts

Turn data into decisions and keep your fleet moving forward

Maintenance Scheduling

Maintenance Alerts

Ensure your vehicles are always ready for the road

Safety Analytics

Safety Analytics

Monitor behavior and reduce risk across your fleet

Driver Scorecards

Driver Scorecards

Recognize and reward your top performing drivers

Smart Dashcams

Video Telematics

Reduce risk with AI powered cameras and driver coaching apps 

Who Uses Vehicle Tracking Systems?

The features in the latest vehicle tracking systems are helping businesses across a wide range of industries

Road Transport

Road Transport

Getting goods from one place to another can be a logistical nightmare that requires planning and monitoring to keep everything running smoothly. Teletrac Navman is experienced at building vehicle tracking solutions designed for the transport industry that simplify compliance, improve safety and transform operational processes.
  • Digital job management enables run sheets to be created, assigned and monitored.
  • Capture proof of delivery via signature and photo
  • Digitize coaching with Smart Dashcams and scorecard apps
  • Stay compliant with driver hours of service regulations with a fully integrated ELD solution
  • Meet IFTA regulations with simplified fuel tax reporting
Services and Trades

Service and Trades

Maximize the amount of work your service team accomplishes each day with a vehicle tracking system that is built for the job. Receive reliable data on how each member of your service team moves from job-to-job, so you can get them there safely and more efficiently. Ensure employees make it to job sites on time with two-way messaging to adjust routes in real time. Keep costs down while exceeding customer expectations.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by providing real-time insights into arrival times
  • Reduce costs with insights into fuel use, idle times, time on site and maintenance schedules
  • Streamline job management with digital scheduling tools


From residential projects, to earthworks and grading, construction businesses are managing complex projects, cost factors, and multiple jobsites. Bid more accurately on jobs when you gain visibility into equipment utilization, performance and productivity.
  • Measure asset utilization with insights into jobsites
  • Real-time vehicle, equipment & asset location tracking
  • Improve uptime with preventative maintenance
  • Make more informed decisions by seeing uptime and maintenance costs when buying, leasing or selling equipment
Maintenance Planning


For government bodies, vehicle tracking software can help to maintain public and driver safety within the restrictions of your departmental budget. With access to driver performance data fleet departments can improve safety while protecting sensitive data and monitoring carbon footprints.
  • Reduce inefficiencies while cutting costs and improving productivity
  • Real-time location tracking of all types of assets
  • Monitor carbon emissions to improve on company greenhouse gas emissions
Integrated Cameras

Retail and Manufacturing

Your business hinges on your fleet being able to effectively transport and deliver products, reliably and on time. Our vehicle tracking systems provide retail and manufacturing businesses an easy-to-use platform that allows you to keep your fleet efficient, from suggesting the best routes to decrease miles driven, to keeping fuel costs down and providing valuable insight to ensure your fleet can keep up with your business demands.
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What really pushes you to telematics is the data. The data you can gather is just amazing.

Sherwood Construction

I've always said we have fantastic drivers, but with the cameras I now see how truly incredible their defensive driving skills are.
P&B Transportation, Inc
My boss and I can be in office and see who's where and whether they are getting to their destination on time. It makes my job a whole lot easier.
Navajo DOT

What You Need to Know About Vehicle Tracking

Frequently asked questions

GPS vehicle tracking is a technology that enables fleet management professionals to make the best use of vehicles and equipment in their fleet to improve safety, reduce business costs, improve efficiencies and increase productivity. Utilized by many industries in the US, from corporate fleets through to transport and logistics, it has become an integral part of creating a safer and more efficient fleet.
Vehicle tracking systems use GPS technology to provide location information. Beyond the “eye in the sky,” systems rely on vehicle diagnostic sensors to relay vehicle condition. Driver monitoring systems can also be added to record driver behavior, awareness and fatigue. Together, these systems provide a complete picture of a company vehicle’s status at any given time. Systems can be broken into six key areas:
  • GPS Satellites. The vehicle’s location is reported by a GPS receiver that gathers signals from satellites in orbit.
  • Vehicle Monitoring. Onboard data is recorded from driver and vehicle monitoring systems and transmitted via cellular networks.
  • Communications. Data transmitted from vehicles is provided using existing telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Secure Servers. Data is received and housed on protected servers that can be accessed by authorized users.
  • Cloud Storage. Accessible via the internet, businesses are able to access stored data.
  • Software Solutions. The end user can observe data in context to make strategic decisions for their fleet via desktop or fleet tracking app.
Vehicle tracking software should pay for itself quickly by providing insight into vehicle and fleet performance. ROI can be found in a number of areas, including fleet productivity, driver behavior and safety, customer service, compliance and reducing administrative burdens. Many business are starting to use the technology as the foundation for digital transformation programs, and you can read more about this in our guide to how vehicle tracking enables digital transformation.

This will vary depending on a number of factors - including the size of your fleet and what your long-term goals for GPS vehicle tracking solutions happen to be. This is why, at Teletrac Navman, we prefer to first learn as much about your business as possible so that we can come up with the custom vehicle tracking system to meet your needs.

There are three main types of vehicle tracking devices, professionally installed (hard-wired), self-installed (plug into a vehicles UBD port) and mobile applications. Each one of these vehicle tracking devices has their own pros and cons. Which one is right for your business depends on several factors, including cost, what data you wish to collect, and whether you want to track more than just vehicles.

This will depend largely on which type of GPS tracking devices you choose to use. Some are designed for self installation into a vehicles OBDII port and are also easy to move from one vehicle to another as needed. Others are hardwired into the electrical system on your vehicles, typically requiring professional installation. You can learn more in our guide explaining the differences between vehicle tracking devices.

Yes. Advanced vehicle tracking solutions enable powered assets (such as construction equipment) and none powered assets (such as trailers) to be tracked and managed through the same platform. We created a guide into what GPS tracking devices you should use for different asset type.

Yes, you can use fleet management software to track the cost of maintenance across your business. Measuring items, such as repair turnover rate, can help you adhere to your preventative maintenance schedule and prevent unexpected downtime. It can also help you identify the ideal schedule for vehicle maintenance and replacement as well.

Vehicle Tracking Resources

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