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Teletrac Navman

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Fleet Management for the Retail & Manufacturing Industry

Better manage fuel costs and compliance with GPS fleet management solutions.

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Get better visibility into the efficiency of your fleet

Your business depends on your fleet to effectively transport and deliver products, reliably and on time. Our fleet management solutions provide an easy-to-use platform that allows you to keep your fleets efficient, from suggesting the best routes to reduce miles driven, to keeping fuel costs down and providing valuable insight to ensure your fleet can keep up with your business demands.

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Benefits of for Private Fleets

Tracking your resources across the globe

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Real Time Visibility

See fleet activity in real time and ensure that your mobile resources are safe and working effectively to achieve your daily goals. With Drone View location monitoring, geofence activity measurement and smart dash cams you can have the ultimate fleet visibility tool set.

  • Real time fleet visibility with Drone View location monitoring
  • Monitor activity in set geographic locations with geofences
  • Smart dashcams provide the ultimate solution for fleet visibility

* Drone View availability is dependent on telematics device.

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Right-Size Your Fleet 

Private fleets can drive competitive differentiation, which improves bottom-line growth. Our business intelligence modules extract data from diverse sources and use fleet utilization reports to take the guesswork out of how to best manage your fleet.

With our easy-to-use maintenance modules, you can stay focused on productivity by keeping assets in-service and avoiding unnecessary downtime. You can also set up vehicle diagnostic alerts to ensure assets are performing at optimal levels.

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Keep Fuel Expenses Down

When there is volatility in fuel prices, your profits fluctuate. Reduce fuel costs by proactively monitoring different aspects of your operations. Plan routes efficiently to cut down miles, reducing fuel usage. Monitor vehicle diagnostics to know how your trucks are using fuel so you can redeploy your most efficient vehicles to the longer routes. Our solutions allow you to monitor vehicle idle times, send alerts when over-idling occurs and track fuel use when using your power take-off (PTO).

Built-in reporting offers smarter ways to control your costs. Fuel card partner integrations offer you a more effective way to monitor fuel expenses and reduce costs. It’s a collective responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and we help make it possible.

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Managing ELD Mandates

Receive guidance through each step of the compliance process, including implementation, hardware installation, training and ongoing account support. Using our advanced software solutions, see how ELDs create real value for fleets especially when drivers are trained to use them properly and can meet delivery expectations with strict timeframes, which increases productivity. When paired with cutting-edge GPS fleet tracking, ELDs drive even greater benefits. We go the extra mile with data analytics tools for private fleets, providing advanced fleet optimization capabilities.

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Smart Dashcams

Video Telematics

Reduce risk and create a more rewarding workplace with a flexible video telematics solution that is fully integrated into our fleet management platform, TN360. Easily access the data you need to improve safety, streamline coaching and protect drivers.

  • Video AI monitors driving behavior including speeding, distracted driving and tailgating
  • Real-time feedback, scorecards and coaching apps create a culture of safety
  • Instant access to video to protect drivers against false claims

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions, and we’re here to help

The most effective way to get drivers to accept electronic logging devices (ELDs) is to to include drivers in the buying process and providing adequate time for training. Other ways that businesses can get drivers to adopt to new ELD technology is to show how technology will make their job easier and more enjoyable.

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Telematics can help reduce fuel burn and expenses, by using this technology to shorten vehicle routes and decrease engine idling time. Telematics can also identify driver behaviors that consume excess fuel, and help fleet managers recognize when engine performance is affecting fuel economy.

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Insurance companies make decisions on premium costs based on claim histories – the record of events that indicates whether a commercial vehicle operator is a good risk. The following are factors when determining an insurance premium for each driver: 1. Driver behavior 2. Previous accidents 3. Violations

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Case Study

Griffin Waste Services

Robust reporting has helped the company detect excessive speeding and idling. Not only does this result in significant savings on fuel, it also means less wear and tear on vehicles and lower maintenance costs. Griffin dispatchers also employ Navman Wireless GPS tracking tools to route the closest driver for the job, cutting down on miles driven. Overall, fuel and maintenance costs have gone down by more than 10%.

Griffin Waste Customer Case Study Hero

Case Study

Land N Sea

Driver efficiency increased as soon as Land ‘N’ Sea implemented GPS-based tracking from Navman Wireless. Effectively using Activity Reports, the company has made routes more efficient. When drivers do have downtime, they are utilized in the warehouse. These small changes add up to almost $2,000 in overtime savings a week.

Land N Sea Customer Case Study Hero


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