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4 Ways GPS Tracking Helps Company Goals - Copy

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Increasing productivity and efficiency is at the top of every fleet manager’s annual goals.

And without having to hire new workers or creating additional expenses, a fleet manager can generate a strategic plan that will cut business costs, improve productivity and enhance customer service.

Time Carding
The honor system is typically used when employees report the hours they have worked. But when employees round up the amount of hours on the clock or doesn’t report a lunch break, the company loses money.

A time carding solution helps fleet managers track payroll hours that indicate when a vehicle is started up at the beginning of a shift and when it is shut off at the end of the day. Time carding reports can also be automatically generated and messaged to the payroll department or anyone in the company. When a company is able to reduce physical procedures such as logging timesheets, everyone is given more time to focus on other aspects of the business.

Reduced Fuel Costs
Businesses that use fleet vehicles for transportation, delivery or other commercial services are liable to waste hundreds of gallons of fuel each month due to engine idle time.  By installing a fleet management system in each vehicle, fleet managers can monitor how much time a driver spends idling. A company can save a small fortune and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by simply notifying drivers of these poor habits and cutting back on wasteful idling.

Increased Safety
Safety analytics empowers a fleet manager to receive insight into vehicle safety based on key performance metrics and recorded events, such as speeding and harsh braking. And eliminating these poor driver habits means reduced insurance costs, increased fuel economy and better customer reviews on driver tendencies.

Installing an advanced safety analytics system pinpoints safety violations and inefficiencies for an entire fleet or just a single vehicle. Fleet managers are able use this effective option to monitor unsafe driving behavior and prevent vehicle abuse.

Customer Service
A fleet management system allows a manager to see where every car, truck or van is located at any time. This is especially helpful when a situation arises at a customer site. The manager can see which vehicle is closest to the customer and is able to re-route a technician to get there as soon as possible. Fleet tracking also provides a more accurate estimated time of arrival. When customers contact the company to see when a technician is supposed to arrive, the dispatcher can quickly check how far away the driver is and provide an immediate update to the customer. When a business is able to serve its customers quicker and more efficiently, it boosts existing relationships and leads to positive company reviews and customer referrals.

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Dennis P. Jaconi works for Teletrac's vibrant Marketing team and contributes his insight into the ever changing world of m2m technology to our blog. He loves to speak directly with customers to learn how fleets are leveraging GPS software for improved efficiency and reduction of carbon emissions. To read these stories visit his Teletrac customer story archive.

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