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Fleet Management Systems FAQs

In today's busy world, fleet managers have a hugely important role to play in everything from delivering our food to ensuring our parcels reach our doors on time. To support fleet managers in their journey to meet customer needs, we've created this easy-to-digest fleet management FAQ covering topics including fleet tracking, telematics, driver behaviour and road safety. We'll continue to update this page to answer the questions being asked by fleet professionals. 

Frequently Asked Fleet Management System Questions

How to be DOT compliant? 

This FAQ outlines rules and regulations for your fleet to be compliant according to the Department of Transportation.

How to reduce insurance premiums with data? 

Vehicle fleets that are able to identify unsafe driving and implement measures to reduce it can lower their insurance premiums as well as improve safety. 

How does a dashboard camera work? 

Dashboard cameras use digital video technology. Simple dashboard cameras provide a continuous display transmitted to a monitor, like the backup cameras in many automobiles. 

How to measure fuel consumption?

In order to measure efficient fuel use, fleets need to implement a consistent process. The most important factors can have an adverse impact on properly measuring.

How to select a vehicle tracking system for an enterprise business?

When selecting a vehicle tracking system enterprise businesses must consider a variety of factors on how a vehicle tracking system will help support their business and see the company grow to levels.

How to improve construction site safety?

The three top safety methods for construction sites are requiring safety equipment to be used on site, ensure workers are properly trained on how to use safety equipment and using technology to manage a safe work environment. 

How to reduce fuel consumption in trucks?

Want to decrease your fuel usage? This fleet management system FAQ outlines tips and tricks  for your fleet to consume less gasoline and diesel each year.

How to get driver acceptance with your ELD device? 

What is the best way to introduce electronic logging devices to your drivers? This FAQ shows the most effective ways to get your drivers on board with  new ELD technology. 

How to improve my CSA score 

Fleet's can improve their CSA score by challenging citations, verifying pre-employement driver reports, preventative maintenance and properly using ELDs.

How does telematics work?

Telematics has been widely adopted in a wide variety of industry since the turn of the millennium and has provided businesses with previously unobtainable performance information.

How to build a driver training program

Driver training is crucial to developing a consistent culture of road safety across a business. Build a program that properly trains and retains the best talent.