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Fleet Productivity

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Fleet managers face pressing questions that impact business on a daily basis. DIRECTOR is the central place that provides answers to these questions. The easy-to-use platform clearly displays job progress and vehicle locations so that users can plan jobs efficiently. DIRECTOR provides both second-by-second information and long-term trends to help improve processes across the board. With this data, managers can steadily build a stronger fleet.


The foundation of Teletrac Navman’s solution, DIRECTOR provides users the visibility and data they need to better manage their fleet. DIRECTOR integrates Google Maps and our proprietary software to provide regular mapping updates to maintain fleet activity.

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By timing the entry and exit of job sites, users can know if drivers spent an appropriate amount of time at a specific location. If a vehicle operates outside of the geofence, users can be notified via SMS alerts and/or email. Fleet managers can identify inefficient trends and find remedies before it’s too late.


The pop-out window acts as a quick zoom into a particular vehicle’s status. From a map, it reveals a vehicle’s exact location, driver, time, speed and event description. The pop-out window provides direct planning tools to empower users to take action and adapt to any change.

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