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Fleet Management for the Heavy Construction Industry

Sharpen your competitive edge with Teletrac Navman

In today’s ultra-competitive construction market, securing a bid, improving profits or sometimes just keeping the company running depends on the thinnest of margins. Now you can be sure that each piece of equipment on every job site is working as hard as you are. Teletrac Navman’s intelligent asset management solution Qtanium Connect offers the fleet and mobile asset intelligence you need to analyze the efficiency of all of your operations, regardless of the OEM variety in your mixed fleet of assets.

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Qtanium Connects puts all OEM telematics data on one screen.

Fine-tune worker and equipment productivity

Monitor and manage your heavy assets and their operators as well as your service vehicles and their drivers to ensure efficient and safe usage.  Observe in real-time the distribution and use of all of your assets across every single job site regardless of geography, ensuring that utilization is maximized and that excessive idling and other inefficiencies are minimized at all times.

Reduce operational costs

Teletrac Navman’s Qtanium 400 is a highly ruggedized, IP67-rated asset management device that helps operators save costs through more efficient asset utilization. When combined with Teletrac Navman’s DIRECTOR and Qtanium Connect software, you can monitor and manage all equipment, assets, and vehicles on a single screen regardless of OEM mix. This added visibility means that you can pinpoint areas of inefficiency such as poor operator behavior, excessive idle, or the underutilization of assets on a specific job site.

Specialized areas

Teletrac Navman helps track data for specific sub-industries, ensuring productivity remains high.

Heavy Highway and Civil Engineering – manage important KPIs in your mixed fleet such as engine hours, equipment utilization, maintenance scheduling, fuel usage per asset and job, regardless of OEM, make, model or year

Lift and Crane – enhance safe operation and asset lifecycle by managing cable wear via drum rotation cycle monitoring and Load Moment Indicator (LMI) alerting

Excavating and Grading – maximize utilization and uptime of specialized grading and excavating assets across all of your jobsites.

Equipment Rental – maintain visibility on location and usage of rental assets, and mitigate unauthorized “off-rent” usage or theft.

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