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An answer to an age-old problem 

Heavy equipment and construction fleets certainly don’t lack for telematics data. Many manufacturers install telematics units in their equipment so that users can retrieve data concerning maintenance, fuel use, and asset utilization. The issue is getting all that information in one place. Historically, users had to go to each manufacturer’s website to get asset data. Qtanium Connect changes everything by consolidating all OEM data in one screen.

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Qtanium Connect puts all heavy equipment data on one screen.

One stop for all information

Qtanium Connect is a unique asset management solution built specifically for heavy equipment and mixed fleets. It unifies data from multiple OEM telematics units in one portal enabling users to monitor all assets through a single interface and easily access actionable data and reports.  Businesses are able to track maintenance needs for individual asset components, preventing critical breakdowns and losses. Managing a mixed fleet and maximizing performance has never been easier.  

Key features:

  • View all Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) standard data feeds
  • Monitoring and management
    • Location monitoring
    • Job-site management
    • Equipment management
    • Fuel dashboard & management
    • Comprehensive preventative maintenance including specific attachment and component management
  • Load & scale data recording
  • Mobile handheld application
  • Non-powered asset tracking
  • QR code capability

Connect heavy equipment with traditional vehicles

Qtanium Connect also integrates with DIRECTOR, providing a single view of all rugged fleet equipment and vehicles. The solution provides businesses with real-time asset locations and statuses, and special reports with detailed analysis of asset use. Reports highlight fuel usage patterns, asset utilization, job-site usage, and maintenance needs. 

  • Qtanium Connect provides reliable data reducing inefficiencies and increasing productivity in a single application
  • Provides the ability to track & monitor equipment by any OEM
  • Allows for in-depth job-site analysis including fuel burn, asset utilization and engine management

Key Reports

  • The Equipment Use provides visibility of asset utilization times and fleet distribution
  • The Engine Data reports help gain insight into your machines’ engine speed, boost pressure, fuel burn rate and general machine health
  • The Unified Production Report (UPR) assists in managing all forms of mining operation

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