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Trucking professionals know that because of federal regulations, electronic logging devices will be required equipment — and that raises some questions. Drivers, operators and fleet managers ask: What impact will ELDs have on my business? Will they hurt or help my bottom line?

Answering these questions — and concerns — is easier when the relevant information is available. The infographic below presents the facts and figures that will determine how ELDs affect your business — in a quick-reference format. It includes the expenses associated with this technology, the cost of not adopting elogs within a reasonable time frame — and explains how electronic logging devies can be used to your advantage, saving you money in the long run. 

Click the infographic for a larger preview:



To learn more about ELDs, the mandate, and finding the right solution for your business, visit ELD Answers.

Oswaldo Flores is a Safety & Compliance Product Manager at Teletrac Navman.

As a former fleet supervisor, Oswaldo has first-hand experience managing drivers and vehicles, ensuring his fleet maintains adherence to all internal and external regulations, policies, and guidelines, including DOT compliance, ANSI/OSHA certifications, and CHP Biennial Inspection of Terminals. Prior to his current position at Teletrac Navman, Oswaldo held fleet and compliance administrative management, fleet supervisory,  sales and business development roles with Pepsi Cola, Time Warner Cable, British Petroleum North America and Legacy Supply Chain Services.