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Chosen by more than 40,000 businesses and managing more than 500,000 vehicles, Teletrac Navman is optimizing fleet management for businesses worldwide. Learn how our customers are leveraging Teletrac Navman solutions to improve their businesses in a number of ways including fuel efficiency, driver behavior, fleet safety and overall bottom line.


From growing business operations annually by 20% to saving $440 per vehicle per month, our customers see success in varying ways. Here are a few stories on their success.

Navajo Division of Transportation

Learn how the Navajo DOT leveraged data from Teletrac Navman fleet management solutions to improve a number of processes across their 4-state operation.

United Road Towing

Discover how this towing specialist leverages Teletrac Navman solutions to meet customer demands, optimize dispatching operations and grow business annually.

Pointdirect Transport

Read about the true impact of Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR ELD and learn how Pointdirect Transport reduced insurance costs and improve SMS scores significantly.

A.N. Webber

GPS tracking two-way messaging helps improve workflows while also increased deliveries for transportation, logistics and warehousing firm.

Two Men And A Truck

Fast growing moving company achieves ELD-compliance, streamlines operations and gains a competitive edge with Teletrac Navman e-logs & GPS tracking.

Louis Smith Construction

Full-service commercial concrete contractor relies on Teletrac Navman fleet tracking reports to reduce operation costs and improve safety protocols.

Sherwood Construction

Multi-state operation construction company consolidates mixed fleet telematics data and improves operation processes to save over $160,000.

Roadside Transport

After numerous failed attempt with different providers, Roadside Transport finally started saving on operation costs with Teletrac Navman GPS tracking.

The Provider Enterprises Inc.

Fleet-management software helps The Provider safeguard special-needs students on a daily basis by implementing valuable safety measures.

Griffin Waste Services

Learn how robust geofence reporting capabilities helped this waste hauling specialist streamline operations and save $160,000 on fuel and labor costs.

Alliance Pest Control

Managing a state wide operation can be a challenge, especially when managing payroll and fuel costs, but Teletrac Navman stepped in to help Alliance Pest Control.

Land 'N' Sea

Read how America's leading distributor of marine parts saves $14k on monthly fuel by implementing Teletrac Navman GPS tracking.

LoRe Sweeping

Learn about the impact of GPS tracking and Activity Reports as this sweeping company discovered and cut down on unnecessary operation inefficiencies.

Jaris Transportation

Discover how Teletrac Navman fleet management software helps optimize Jaris Transportation's operations and prevent operation costs from ballooning.

P&B Transportation Inc.

Integrated dashboard cameras and robust DIRECTOR Safety Analytics software transformed this fleet's safety measures and minimized insurance headaches.

Improved Maintenance Practices

Download this case study to learn how Teletrac Navman fleet management solutions help increase uptime through smarter maintenance measures.

Minimizing Operation Inefficiencies

Discover how Teletrac Navman fleet management solutions can reduce administrative and payroll costs without interrupting operations.

Fleet Guide Case Study Pack

Teletrac Navman tracks over 40,000 customers and 500,000 vehicles globally. Download this case study pack to learn the stories of our diverse base of customers.