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Feature Brings Clarity and Flexibility To Data Analytics

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

New Teletrac Navman Reporting Feature Brings Clarity And Flexibility To Data Analytics

Build Your Own Report Feature In DIRECTOR™ Creates Custom Analytics Reports With Enhanced Visualization Capabilities

Garden Grove, CA, April 3, 2019 – Teletrac Navman, a global software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider that leverages location-based technology for GPS tracking solutions, today announced a new bundle in the DIRECTOR™ Analytics platform called Build Your Own Report. Build Your Own Report allows users to transform raw data from their telematics devices into accessible reports in any format, with customizable templates and extensive filtering capabilities to help organizations focus on the metrics that matter most to them.

"Organizations are dealing with a pervasive and overwhelming amount of data from telematics and other connected devices," says Daren Lauda, general manager of North America, Teletrac Navman. "While businesses are increasingly reliant on data to derive key insights into their performance, data on its own isn't useful unless there's order and context around it. Our Build Your Own Report feature is exceptional because, unlike standard reporting features that produce canned reports, it allows managers to view only the data they want to see, in the format they want to see it in."

Build Your Own Report includes the following features:

  • Tailored report formats: Build Your Own Report provides flexibility to create multiple reports populated with only the data relevant to individual team members, in a variety of layouts.
  • Extensive filtering: Build Your Own Report enables users to filter against any metric. Users can also drag and drop data into and out of the interface as needed, helping them quickly and efficiently zero in on the questions they're trying to answer without creating separate reports for every new combination of data.
  • Flexible visualizations: Data can be quickly converted into an unlimited number of color-coded visual reports, making it easy to understand the data and spot critical patterns. All visualizations can be built within the same interface, so there's no need to export data out to a separate program to transform it into a chart or table.
  • Choose from limitless combinations of metrics: Just a few examples of the data elements that can be combined into customized reports include:
    • Vehicle and driver capacity utilization
    • Ignition on time
    • Distance traveled
    • Stop count
    • Overspeed duration

To learn more about Teletrac Navman Analytics solutions and the Build Your Own Report feature, please visit: Build Your Own Report


About Teletrac Navman
Teletrac Navman is a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider leveraging location-based technology and services for managing mobile assets. With specialized solutions that deliver greater visibility into real-time insights and analytics, Teletrac Navman helps companies make better business decisions that enhance productivity and profitability. Its fleet and asset management technology uncovers information that would otherwise go unseen, helping customers reduce risk and confidently move their business forward with certainty. It tracks and manages more than 500,000 vehicles and assets for more than 40,000 companies around the world. The company is headquartered in Glenview, IL, with additional offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico. For more information, visit

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