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Fleet Management Resource Library

Staying on top of the latest fleet management and telematics trends could be a daunting task but the resource library below could help. From ebooks to white papers, the resources below are aimed to provide you actionable insight so you can better manage your fleets and business.

Ebooks / White Papers

10 Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking

Download the free ebook to learn how GPS fleet tracking helps your business

Measuring Driver Behavior

Learn how to improve driver safety with driver and vehicle analytics data

ELD Buyer's Guide

Get tips that will help guide you to choose the best ELD solution for your fleet

ELD 101 ebook

Learn the basic about ELDs and what you need to get compliant by the deadline

Risk Management

Learn how fleet safety and management encourages positive driver morale


Top 11 Fictional Fleets

We rank the top fictional fleets. Who has the best fleet?

Most Dangerous Roads

Learn about which are the most dangerous roads in America

Top Global Imports and Exports

Learn about the most imported and exported items

Global Construction Benchmark

Find out trends within the global construction market

Food Miles & CO2 Emissions of Food

Learn about how food is transported and their CO2 emissions

4 Ways Smarter Data Leads to Smarter Decisions

Learn how to optimize your fleet by using analytics

Worst Maintained Roads in the United States

See which cities have the worst roads in the United States

Safety Assets

Safety Adviser 1

How to Create a Comprehensive Fleet Safety Program

Safety Adviser 2

Fleet Safety Checklist: 10 Steps for Minimizing Risk

Safety Adviser 3

How to Predict and Prevent Unsafe Events

Safety Adviser 4

How to Train and Coach Drivers on Best Safety Practices

Safety Adviser 5

4 Ways to Lower Costs and Increase Profits Through Safety Management