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ELD - How Do I Select the Right ELD for Me?

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

In addition to referring to the FMCSA's registry of registered ELDs, it is recommended that businesses undertake a thorough evaluation of potential ELD solutions that should include the following:

Return on investment
Use an ROI calculator to weigh cost against the savings and increased productivity you can gain with different ELDs.

Integrated fleet management
You need an ELD to meet the HOS regulations, but some providers offer integrated fleet management software with features such as vehicle monitoring, two-way communication, improved routing and more.

Integrated system vs. third-party solutions
A cobbled-together system with hardware and software from different manufacturers presents an increased risk of failure at any time.

To accommodate your fleet’s present size and potential future growth, the best solution will have the flexibility for scaling up or down. Scalability should include the capacity to add features or manage additional information if your business needs change. For example, if your market expands geographically or extends to a new industry segment.

Upfront expenses
Consider an ELD provider that offers a low-cost or no-cost equipment installation. The possible savings may surprise you.

Compare the degree of ongoing support available. Some vendors won’t have a reliable or adequate customer support infrastructure.

These areas are a good starting point for your selection process. A more detailed checklist is available to help you develop a targeted search.