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ELD - What will I need to do?

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Know the right steps required in getting your fleet ELD-ready. This can help in evaluating your needs, purchase options and installation requirements.

To get an idea of what is involved, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration created a checklist to help ensure that everything is in place before the compliance date. The essential items on this list:

1. Install ELDs and run power-up and functional tests

2. Create logins for drivers, administrators and other users

3. Provide training for drivers on how to:

  • Log in
  • Respond to unassigned driving hours the ELD records
  • Record duty status changes
  • Edit records
  • Add notes to records to explain any edits or additions
  • Certify records – to indicate that they are complete and accurate
  • Access records of duty status (RODS) data from the ELD
  • Review and understand the ELD printout/display information
  • Transfer ELD data by email or Bluetooth to inspectors or law enforcement
  • Identify and correct or report data diagnostic issues
  • Report ELD malfunctions

4.    Make sure that drivers carry the required documents in-cab, including:

  • An ELD user manual
  • An instruction sheet for transferring HOS data
  • An instruction sheet for reporting possible ELD malfunctions
  • A supply of paper log sheets as backup 

5.    Provide training for compliance managers, drivers, administrative personnel, and other ELD users that includes:

  • Compliance requirements and processes
  • Supporting document requirements and processes
  • ELD operation
  • Proper editing of records
  • ELD data retention
  • Understanding and preventing harassment and coercion
  • ELD troubleshooting/malfunctions

Full checklists for carriers and drivers are available from the FMCSA: