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Teletrac Navman

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Griffin Waste Saves $160,000 on Fuel, Labor Costs


With each of the company’s small-container trucks racking up several hundred miles each day, Griffin Waste Services was paying a pretty penny in fuel and maintenance. The implementation of a Teletrac Navman fleet-management solution has helped this waste hauler efficiently track and retool its operation.

Through the use of the Teletrac Navman products and services, Griffin gained the fleet and mobile asset intelligence needed to generate massive savings.

Identify areas for improvement

Robust reporting has helped the company detect excessive speeding and idling. Not only does this result in significant savings on fuel, it also means less wear and tear on vehicles and lower maintenance costs. Griffin dispatchers also employ Teletrac Navman GPS tracking tools to route the closest driver for the job, cutting down on miles driven. Overall, fuel and maintenance costs have gone down by more than 10%.

Keeping drivers on the road, hard at work

With Teletrac Navman geofence alerts, Griffin’s dispatcher can track when a truck arrives at the landfill, the moment the container is emptied and when the vehicle is ready. The company estimates Teletrac Navman GPS Tracking eliminates at least an hour of downtime per driver each day. At a billable rate of $15 per hour, that adds up to $75 per vehicle per week—$300 per month.

Additional highlights from Teletrac Navman

  • Eliminating Payroll Disputes: The geofence reports from Teletrac Navman shows the exact times a truck leaves in the morning and returns at night.
  • 24/7 vehicle use monitoring: Activity reports enable Griffin to ensure vehicles are used only when needed by signifying ignition on and ignition off.
  • Optimized Customer Service: Satellite mapping indicates the whereabouts of every truck in the fleet for optimal efficiency, productivity and customer communication.


Since implementing Teletrac Navman, Griffin Waste Services has:

  • Obtained savings from downtime: $300 per vehicle per month
  • Gained fuel & maintenance savings: $742.50 per vehicle per month
  • Averaged a monthly savings of: $1,042 per vehicle
  • Saw an overall total monthly savings of $13,552.50
  • Achieved a total yearly savings of $162,630

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