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Teletrac Navman

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Integrated Dashboard Cameras Transform Safety at P&B Transportation, Inc.



In early 2018, P&B Transportation, Inc., a 45-truck fleet based in Apollo, PA, installed the Teletrac Navman Driver Safety Analytics and Dashboard Camera solution in a quarter of their trucks. It didn’t take long for the positive results to convince them to implement the solution fleet-wide.

"I've always said we have fantastic drivers, but with the cameras I now see how truly incredible their defensive driving skills are." - Bonnie Lantz, P&B Transportation, Inc.

Better driver morale and safety coaching

As Bonnie Lantz, environmental, health and safety director, P&B Transportation, Inc. discovered, most drivers want in-cab cameras. Since using them, Lantz has gained deeper understanding of the challenging situations P&B Transportation drivers find themselves in daily, giving her more opportunities to praise their driving skills, which boosts morale. The precise driver data (like how many times per day they speed or harshly brake) has also transformed the driver coaching process through more targeted, immediate feedback. This has pushed safety to the forefront of daily operations, so much so that P&B is overhauling the driver review process around the safety analytics and plans to use the data as a basis for rewarding safe driving behavior.

Improved insurance claims and pricing

Recently, one of P&B’s drivers - whose truck was not equipped with a camera - was hit nearly head-on when a car crossed into the oncoming lane, but it was his word against the other driver’s. On the other hand, another P&B driver with a camera had a collision and Lantz viewed the footage before the truck even made it back to the yard. Even if footage reveals their driver is responsible, Lantz says cameras save her and the insurance company valuable time and money they’d otherwise spend defending the claim. She also anticipates a reduced insurance premium as a result of implementing cameras.

Single-view insights into data across entire fleet

Lantz chose the Teletrac Navman Safety Analytics and Dashboard Camera solution because her fleet already uses DIRECTOR® ELD, which is on the same platform. Now, she drives ELD compliance and accesses HOS, GPS fleet tracking and driver safety data in a single place, making fleet operations more efficient. Even in a short time, safety analytics and dashboard cameras have dramatically improved how Lantz runs her fleet, and she looks forward to the changes yet to come once the solution is installed fleet-wide.


Since implementing Teletrac Navman, P and B Transportation, Inc.

  • Enhanced fleet safety program with safety analytics
  • Transformed driver review and training process 
  • Reduced insurance premiums and time spent on claims

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