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Teletrac Navman

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Fleet Management Solutions Help LoRe Sweeping Improve Overall Performance


If there is a large-scale construction project affecting the roadways of metro New York/New Jersey, chances are LoRe Sweeping’s heavy-duty road sweepers are keeping the thoroughfares clear. To stay on top, the company wanted to do more to satisfy customers while simultaneously cutting payroll costs.

Increased customer service

When a customer needs a sweeper, GPS tracking enables LoRe to dispatch the nearest vehicle to the site immediately. In the event of a breakdown, LoRe can send a back-up sweeper—day or night—by accessing our award-winning Teletrac Navman platform suite on home or work computers.

"Our sweepers are vastly more productive than before we got the Teletrac Navman system." - LoRe Sweeping

Decreased payroll costs

LoRe Sweeping’s crews often work multiple sites in a day. The inaccuracies of its paper-based time-sheet system used to cause payroll disputes. With the Teletrac Navman fleet-management system, LoRe can generate Activity Reports that capture every moment their sweepers are on the job, verifying that the unit was on site and every minute the broom was down. Not only does this cut down on unnecessary overtime, it also means more accurate billing.


Since implementing Teletrac Navman, LoRe Sweeping has:

  • LoRe’s sweepers are restricted from some roads. GPS navigation quickly enables drivers to map alternate routes to the worksite.
  • Activity Reports allow LoRe to monitor where and how their machines are used. As Joe Lore puts it, “These sweepers cost $180,000 a piece. We want to know where they are and how they’re being used at all times.”
  • Since sweepers must operate at prescribed speeds for optimum performance, the company can easily monitor speeding via reporting tools

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