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Teletrac Navman

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Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Category: Integrated Scales for
On Board Mass

Solution: Integration for OBM

Software: TN360, NextGen

Hardware: Digital Scales

Website: E-Max Australia


E-Max digital on-board heavy-vehicle scales are certified by Transport Certification Australia for use in the Interim On-Board Mass (OBM) program and integrate with Teletrac Navman's telematics and fleet management solutions.


  • Digital scales with Transport Certification Australia (TCA) type approved for Interim Onboard Mass Scales (OBM) program
  • Displays real-time mass within the Mass Manager application on the in-vehicle device
  • Driver is able to submit real-time mass from the scales to the fleet management system at any time
  • Thorough mass management reporting available around the clock through the fleet management system
  • On-board scales allow customers to accurately know their specific axle weights at the loading site
  • Maximum productivity - best possible load, least possible risk. Load the perfect load every time
  • Reduce operational costs - costly check weighs. Out-of-route km’s. Extra repairs. Maximise your transport equipments capacity
  • Eliminate wasted time - reworking loads then check weighing at a weigh bridge—what a waste of time. Your driver has better things to do
  • Reduce fines - just avoiding one hefty overweight fine; your Air-Weigh scale has payed for itself


E-Max® has been servicing the auto electrical industry and heavy transport industry since 1999. The product we service are of the very highest specification and standards. Our main specialties have been in the heavy transport side and also in environmentally sealed connector solutions, including some of the biggest names in the USA and Europe, Phillips, M&K, Delphi, Deutsch and AMP.