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Exploring Mixed Energy Solutions

Mobilizing the Future of Fleets: Ep. 1

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Dive into the dynamic world of mixed energy fleets as our Podcast Host, Barney Goffer, moderates a compelling discussion with industry experts Professor Colin Herron CBE from Newcastle University and Peter Crowe, European Sales Manager at ANGI Energy Systems.

In Episode 1 of the “Mobilizing the Future of Fleets” Podcast, Barney, Professor Herron, and Peter explore the nuanced landscape of energy types for mixed fleets, presenting arguments both for and against various solutions, delving into the merits and challenges of different energy types and examining the feasibility and implications of transitioning to alternative fuels.

From the utilization of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and biofuels at scale to the scaling technologies of electrification and hydrogen, Episode 1 of the “Mobilizing the Future of Fleets” Podcast explores the diverse perspectives on the future of mixed energy fleets, from which viewers can gain valuable insights into the evolving landscape of electric vehicles (EVs) and hydrogen as leading solutions for fleet operations.

Join Barney Goffer, Professor Colin Herron, and Peter Crowe as they navigate the complexities of mixed energy fleets, weighing the arguments for and against different energy types, and envisioning a sustainable and efficient future for fleet operations.

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Barney Goffer, Teletrac Navman - Product Manager - Fleet Energy Solutions

Professor Colin Herron CBE, Newcastle University - Professor of Practice Peter Crowe, ANGI Energy Systems – European Sales Manager