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5 Signs It's Time for an Integrated Fleet Camera System​. Learn more.

Effective Communication with Fleets

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Your business is held together by a powerful voice. Take the time to listen and drive results. Straightforward conversations between management and drivers create a successful environment to achieve more as a business. But the conversation doesn’t stop at people. It applies to your business systems and processes as well. Do your field and job-site activities connect to the office as effectively as they should? Learn how to automate back-end processes so your employees spend less time on administrative work and more time dedicated to creating profit.

Prevent Radio Silence

With tools such as two-way messaging, fleet managers can ensure that any job is successfully completed by clearly conveying directions to their drivers, quickly addressing any issues, and confidently responding to customer inquiries. These messages are instantly sent between the dispatcher's computer and the driver's in-vehicle device, creating an unbroken line of communication.

Messages Cover Wide-Ranging Needs

DIRECTOR allows drivers and dispatchers to send each other text updates through the in-vehicle tablet. There are three types of messages in DIRECTOR: text messages, form messages, and Route To messages.

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