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Driver Training

Train and retain your best talent

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Inspire safe driving with effective driver training. The platform helps create a safety program that sticks through driver behavior scoring that show how each driver performs against the fleet average. Train and sustain positive driver behavior with on-going monitoring, communication and in-vehicle feedback.

Driver Training With Integrated Dashboard Camera

Safety Analytics Solution for Driver Training
Poor Driving Behavior Metrics

Measure Behavior

Identify The Impact Of Poor Driver Behavior

Measure the impact of poor driver behavior with automatic monitoring of speeding violations, fuel spend and maintenance costs. Realize your businesses full potential by identifying the cause of unsafe driving habits and the creation of personalized driver training programs.

Powerful De-Briefs

Communicate With Your Drivers

Get access to the tools to effectively communicate driver training needs across your team. Safety Analytics provides reports including driver scorecard, harsh event reporting, posted speed violation and customizable driver league tables that you can schedule to be sent straight to your team’s inbox.

Communicating with Drivers
In-vehicle feedback

Learn on the Move

In-Vehicle Feedback

Give your drivers real-time performance alerts through their in-cab hardware device. The behavioral learning system warns drivers when they are approaching a violation, such as exceeding a speed limit, and notifies them when they have breached a performance KPI, such as heavy acceleration

Personalized Training

Create Dedicated Training Programs

Get the insight to develop a customized training program that is based on specific driver behaviors. By using telematics data and continuous monitoring you can implement a driver training program that is personalized and targeted to each driver.

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