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Teletrac Navman

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Satellite Tracking & Communication Software

Always in touch - anywhere, any time

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If you are managing fleet operations at a distance—for places that are remote, inaccessible, or require data security—Teletrac Navman satellite tracking and communication software was developed precisely for your needs. Live GPS vehicle satellite tracking and satellite communication is not just the ideal solution—it is the only solution.

No other system can ensure you stay connected with your staff, assets and data 24/7. 

In remote or rugged locations or in regions with no cellular service — Teletrac Navman Satellite Tracking software provides ubiquitous connectivity whenever, wherever, especially in situations when high-priority or confidential data needs to be protected.

The technology in the Teletrac Navman satellite tracking system is fully mobile, with transmission/reception units installed in the vehicle or other asset. Built-in security and prioritizing functions give you full control of your information.

Stay Connected

Never Lose Sight of Your Team

Teletrac Navman satellite tracking and satellite communication allows multiple employees to connect with a centralized network with full-function communications through the Iridium Satellite Network. The system features robust, reliable technology that is proven to withstand the harshest environments and the most remote locations on the planet. Fleet tracking via satellite is uniquely adapted for keeping the lines of communication open under the toughest conditions.

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No Data Loss

Full Featured Data Transmition

For remote asset management and tracking, satellite tracking and communication via the Iridium Satellite Network can serve as a connected office on site. Fast, accurate satellite-based analytics streams and deep-data integration enable fleet management with real-time updates on location, equipment status, time-stamped event recording and more to give you better control in managing operational tasks such as fuel consumption, safety, security and workflow.

Always In Range

Connectivity and Convenience

Satellite tracking systems changed the communications landscape in introducing a worldwide wireless network accessible from almost anywhere. Cellular networks, on the other hand, are extremely limited. When you are out of a cell tower’s range, you are out of luck. Teletrac Navman satellite tracking and communication complements the existing cell network to give you the ideal combination of reliability and economy.

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