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Teletrac Navman

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AI in Telematics: From Data to Decisions


A New Way to Look at Telematics

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been heralded as a game-changer for many industries. One of the first to benefit from the advanced technology is fleet management.

The ability to see and analyze real-time data and make actionable changes to your operations is key to business success in the 21st century. With an AI-powered telematics platform, businesses not only see the right data at the right time, but the system can spot irregularities far in advance of human ability and help fleets operate at their maximum potential.

Every organization is a collection of people and processes, what connects the people to the processes is data. Siloed organizations face a fundamental roadblock in data flow between people and processes that prevents decision makers accessing the information they need to make informed and confident decisions. TN360, an AI-powered telematics platform breaks down those barriers and empowers people throughout an organization with actionable insights that guide them to make quick and effective decisions.

Teletrac Navman is changing the way you think about telematics. We are going past the whole idea about a dot on the map to providing you real time data, real time insights to make actionable changes to your operations.

From Data to Decisions 

The positive impact of using data in decision making is widely acknowledged, with recent surveys citing that data-driven organizations are three times more likely to report significant improvements in decision making. The main benefits of data driven decision making are:

  1. Making more confident decisions
  2. Becoming more proactive
  3. Reducing costs

Making this transition isn’t easy and we see first-hand the challenges that our customers face when it comes to analyzing and understanding their data.  Most companies do not have the budget to employ an analyst or data scientist to comb through the vast amounts of data their telematics system produces.  This leads many businesses to underutilize one of the most powerful business operations tools they possess.

TN360 aims to change that. With its AI engine and data sharing capabilities, the platform transforms large volumes of information into business insights, providing clear data visualizations on the most important measurements for your business and automatically highlights abnormal patterns in your data. Whether your focus is on fuel efficiency and you want to know which drivers are speeding regularly and idling frequently, or you want to reduce maintenance cost and you need to view maintenance frequency and cost by vehicle, the data is instantly available and accessible.

The beauty is connecting the data to our platform taking the guesswork out of that human element allowing our algorithms, our AI, our machine learning to do that real lifting and provide you real insights.

Human + Artificial Intelligence - The Perfect Combination

To make effective decisions you need to create a balance of artificial and human intelligence. The value of artificial intelligence is that it provides insights into what is happening across your fleet without any human bias, but it is the experience and knowledge of your team that will turn these insights into decisions.

TN360 has been designed to make it easy to identify areas of improvement and provide users with instant access to drill into problems to understand the cause. For example, an AI engine can highlight to your operations team that time on customer sites increased by 15% last week and your team can instantly break that down to view time on site by customer and discover which customer site is causing the increase. The decision on what to do would be based on your teams knowledge of the customer and broader operational and strategic projects.

AI Made Easy

AI doesn’t have to be intimidating. With the Teletrac Navman TN360 platform, machine learning seamlessly fits into the daily routines of fleet managers, drivers and business owners and brings technology that we use in our personal lives into the workplace. For the first time you can ask your telematics platform questions about your fleet and drivers and get instant answers just as you would with Google.

Our software is based on the concept of simplicity and we continuously look at how we can use AI and machine learning to take the heavy lifting out of data analysis to provide real time business insights. We are driven to help businesses turn data into decisions, and this will continue to evolve as TN360 grows.