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Top Imports and Exports Infographic

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

MIT's incredible database doesn't just collect data on top US exports and other US exports statistics, they maintain a complete list of countries by imports and exports around the world. After analyzing this data, we determined the top 18 imports and exports around the world by percent of total exports and the countries that move them the most.



Top Imports and Exports Around the World - Infographic




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According to the Observatory of Economic Complexity at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the United States exported $1.42 trillion and imported $2.21 trillion in goods in 2016. This made the US the second biggest exporter in the world behind China and the biggest importer in the world ahead of economic giants such as China, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong.

What is the most exported product in the world?

Not surprisingly, cars are the most imported and exported product in the world by value. In 2016, the top exporter was Germany which exported $150 Billion in cars. The top importer was the United States which imported $173 Billion in cars. 

Worlds Top Export Products 2016

Here are the top 10 exported products in the world in 2016 by total value shipped worldwide in 2016.
1.    Cars ($1,350B)
2.    Refined Petroleum ($825B)
3.    Integrated Circuits ($804B)
4.    Vehicle Parts ($685B)
5.    Computers ($614B)
6.    Pharmaceuticals ($613B)
7.    Gold ($576B)
8.    Crude Petroleum ($549B)
9.    Telephones($510B)
10.    Broadcasting Equipment ($395B)