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TS23 Telematics Survey


TS23 is the Global Telematics Survey that showcases the prevailing trends that are impacting fleet operations and how they are planning to tackle them in 2023. The survey results are based on feedback from over 1,800 fleet professionals and covers macro-economic challenges, planned investments and how telematics users are using the technology. Our data, which was collated in September 2022, consisted of responses from fleet managers that use telematics, and those that were yet to begin their telematics journey, with responses covering the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and the United Kingdom. 87.6% of respondents were operating fleets of over 25 vehicles and assets at the time of the survey. Read on to learn about the key findings and to access all of the survey data.


TS23 Telematics Survey


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Fuel Prices Remain a Core Challenge

Not only is the rising cost of fuel the biggest challenge for fleet and equipment operators, the compliance around paying fuel duty is also a key concern. As pump prices rose to record levels after the war in Ukraine commenced, global governments responded with interim fuel duty cuts. However, with that tax cut now coming to an end across multiple international markets, fleets are to be hit with tax hike once again, compounding the challenges around rising costs even further and piling even more pressure on operations. Fleets will be considering whether all services and routes can continue if the projected fuel tax rises are implemented.

2023 Top 6 Business Challenges


2023 Top 4 Ways Dealing with Fuel Costs


Economic Environment Remains Tough

Global interest rate hikes and the consequent impact on inflation are impacting all the major business expenses for fleets. The current economic conditions are being felt whether you’re investing in or maintaining operational equipment, as well as impacting wages to ensure employees can manage the cost of living crisis.

2023 Top 6 Business Expenses


2023 Top 6 Biggest Concerns


Investment Still Being Made

Despite tough trading and market conditions, fleet operators are still releasing capital to be able to invest and future-proof their businesses. While a short-term expense, the long-term benefits of keeping on top of compliance or improving the customer experience will pay dividends.

2023 Top 5 Planned Investments


The Basics Are Impacting Fleets When on the Road

As towns and cities grow the impact is often disruption on the roads – whether that’s poor traffic flows, deteriorating roads, or congestion, the impact on fleets is felt far more acutely. For the long-distance hauliers, the availability and offerings at service stations and truck stops is still not adequate – especially for those operating electric fleet.

2023 Top 5 Challenging Infrastructure Issues


Appealing to Drivers

The shortage of drivers is now considered a structural phenomenon. The Covid-19 pandemic did little to ease the pressure, but the global economic recovery has now highlighted the issues once again. Brexit in the UK and recent changes to immigration laws in North America, are just some examples of why the number of available drivers has been impacted. The International Road Transport Union is suggesting there are now 2.6 million unfilled driver posts globally, so competition for recruitment and policies for retention are the most advanced they’ve ever been.

Global Driver Shortage


Retaining Current Drivers


Driver Improvement Thru Rewards


Putting Trust in Telematics

It is now widely accepted in fleets globally that the digital transformation of operations has great benefits. With the abundance of data available and more advanced software, this helps to present data more effectively and find anomalies without the requirement to pour over reams and reams of raw data. The benefit for fleets: greater visibility of their operations and being able to say ‘we know’ rather than ‘we think’ in their decision making as well as getting to those points faster.

2023 Top Areas Managed Thru Telematics


2023 Top 6 Benefits of Telematics


Fewer Accidents


2023 Reduced Fuel Usage with Telematics


2023 Top Safety Benefits