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Data Blocks
Data Blocks

By Sid Nair

You have seen them on the roads and highways at all hours of the day and night. They transport items from one location to another and are one of the most reliable and oldest forms of transportation. They also work different hours than normal workers, and many times will be driving through the night to ensure that a shipment arrives when a business is open. Who is this? We are talking about truck drivers and the trucking industry.

Trucking has been a part of the transportation industry since the late 1800's when the first internal combustion engine was put in a truck by Karl Benz. Prior to this date, steam engines drove the trucks. The change to an internal combustion engine made an improvement in trucks. These engines were much more powerful and could carry larger loads, greater distances, which made the trucks more efficient.

Like the advancements in the automobile, the trucking industry has also seen technological advances. The engines became more powerful and ran more efficiently. The cabs became more comfortable for truck drivers. And, the trailers improved so that truckers could transport just about any load that they had to.

The history of trucks and the trucking industry is fascinating in the way it has progressed with the times. We have uncovered several useful reference materials on the history of trucking and transportation. We hope you enjoy discovering more information about this important industry.