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Past, Present and Future of the Trucking Industry


By Sid Nair

In order for a country to grow and prosper, they need many things to happen. They need a population that is looking to grow, products that are available for the population and the ability to get these products to consumers. At the core of getting products where they need to go has been the trucking industry. It is safe to say that without trucks and truckers, a country such as the United States would not have enjoyed the growth and prosperity that it has had.

While the country is not completely reliant of trucking to transport goods and products today as it was in the past, it still plays a very important role in reaching consumers. Stores still need products to sell to the public. The way that products are delivered to the stores is still via trucks. Manufacturers sell products to the stores who send them to their distribution centers, which in turn sends them to individual stores.

While technology and automation has improved and streamlined many things, including the trucking industry, the use of trucks will not go away. Truckers and the trucking industry should continue to play a vital role in products reaching consumers throughout the country,

To help understand about the trucking industry and how it will continue to service the economic needs of the business world and consumers, we have presented several informative resources. We hope this will help you learn more about the past, present and future of the trucking industry.