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Three things to consider when implementing an ELD solution

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Three Things to Consider When Implementing an ELD Solution

By Nels Erickson, Director of Global Professional Services

With the rapidly approaching deadline for the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate, many companies are beginning to think about how they can effectively implement their chosen ELD solution inside of their company. Success of implementation often relies on getting three things right: communication, change management, and focusing on success. 

Communication. With communication, it is really important to make sure that your organization as a whole understands what you are trying to achieve. You must share your mission of being fully ELD compliant with all of the people impacted and in particular with elogs, that means your drivers and dispatchers. Make sure they are clear on expectations and goals, as well as what you are trying to achieve so that everyone can be focused on the end goal of building a safe and compliant electronic logging program. 

Change management. You’re making a really significant change to the day to day activities and the processes and procedures that your team will be doing to fulfill your Department of Transportation (DOT) Hours of Service obligations. Think about and map the internal documents and internal processes that need to change or modify to reflect the new processes that will be in place with the electronic logging solution. Clearly document the changes and build a plan to dispersing and communicating once you roll out your ELD solution. 

Focus on success. Lastly and most importantly, focus on the path to success. Focus on the people who get it, who are aligned and understand the value of your proposed electronic logging solution. Advance your chances for success by finding ELD program advocates internally so that you can be successful. Start with the members on your team that get it, the ones that understand why you need to go to a fully compliant electronic logging solution. These people may be more technologically savvy and can adopt technology easier. Use these advocates to build critical mass to show the rest of the organization so those that don’t understand the ELD program as much can have a success story to follow. Giving them a real life example to follow and someone to talk to that can provide additional insight into the ELD process can set your implementation on the right path. 

During this process, you may also want to talk about the ELD solution in terms of the benefits of implementing electronic logging as it relates to each of your internal constituents. As it relates to the driver, is it helping to ensure that he is compliant, is it helping to make a stop by law enforcement easier because the elogs show that he is legal and the data is shown in a way that the officer understands and helps prevent additional questions and delays.  

By focusing on communication, change management, and building a path to success, you can smooth your transition to using ELDs for your business.