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Digital disruption in the construction industry

Technology is disrupting the construction industry in big ways. A recent Teletrac Navman benchmark report indicates construction companies around the world are heavily recruiting new talent despite listing payroll as their largest expense. On a global scale, more than $2.5 trillion a year is spent on improving infrastructure, a number that's expected to grow to $3.5 trillion within the next 10 years, according to a McKinsey Global Institute Analysis. In order to keep up with demand, companies are turning to mobile technologies, such as telematics, to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and attract new talent.

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In March 2017, Teletrac Navman conducted a benchmark survey to identify insights into construction telematics use around the globe and highlight best practices and common trends. A variety of professionals participated in the survey, bringing expertise from the construction, oil and gas, mining, aggregate and related industries.

The resulting 2017 Teletrac Navman Global Construction Benchmark Report explores key themes and business indicators affecting fleet management. Some highlights of the report are illustrated in the infographic above.