Digital safety systems for the connected site

Our jobsite management solution, Site360, enables you to improve jobsite safety through better communication, routine maintenance reports and overall jobsite visibility. In addition, you gain the data to ensure your crew is using your heavy equipment and other vehicles efficiently. 

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Stay on top of strict state and federal compliance regulations with digital record keeping, including worker training logs, equipment maintenance logs and real-time incident reporting. For those companies with over-the-road vehicles that are subject to hours-of-service rules, our software is ELD certified and trusted by thousands of companies worldwide.

  • Manage equipment maintenance logs and use big data to predict repair needs
  • Track and record unsafe operations with easy-to-read, real-time reports
  • Comply with regulatory and compliance needs at the federal, state and local level


Ensure that your heavy equipment is fully maintained and being operated safely with real-time telematics data. Electronically manage maintenance and inspection schedules, monitor equipment usage and ensure equipment stays within defined zones.

  • Monitor the safe and proper use of heavy machinery on the jobsite, including speed, harsh driving and over-revving
  • Maintain real-time equipment maintenance and inspection records
  • Benchmark and reward operator and driver performance


With real-time data capture you can automatically see when, where and by whom a safety violation was recorded. This data is automatically sent to the appropriate supervisor or safety manager to help ensure jobsites remain safe and remedial action can be taken quickly.

  • Record supplementary information, such as photos and incident reports, electronically
  • Promote an agile and accountable safety culture that helps workers avoid hazards





At Teletrac Navman, we take jobsite safety seriously and specialize in creating digital safety systems for the connected site. Our fleet management, vehicle tracking, and other jobsite management solutions enable you to improve the safety of your employees and the public.


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