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Driver Safety Systems

Promote safe driving through a single platform

The Safety Analytics module in DIRECTOR gives you the insight to develop a driver safety program that measures risk and communicates safe driving practices across your business. By integrating dashboard camera technology with high definition telematics data you can implement training that is personalized and relevant to your drivers and easily develop driver safety incentive programs.

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Event Viewer

Replay dangerous driving events and visualize incidents on Google maps alongside second by second video recordings. With access to high definition telematics, driver behavior monitoring and in-cab camera technology you will have the tools to build a safe and effective fleet.

  • Measure harsh braking, aggressive acceleration, erratic cornering and posted speed violations
  • Get a complete view of events with high definition telematics and forward facing dashboard camera footage
  • Use our driver ID solutions to assign activity to drivers who operate multiple vehicles

Driver Scorecard & Reporting

Review fleet wide safety performance, drill down to view individual driver scorecards and identify your highest risk drivers. Easily communicate performance trends across your team and create improvement plans that will have a tangible impact on reducing risk.

  • Instantly create driver scorecards for high impact debriefs
  • Build dashboards around your safety KPI’s
  • Get reports on driver events, posted speed violations and build customized league tables

Fully Integrated Dashboard Camera

Our dashboard camera is a small addition to your driver’s vehicle that can have a huge impact on driver safety and your insurance premium. Fully integrated with DIRECTOR the dashboard camera solution continuously records HD quality video and stores recordings of all events in the cloud for to you view within the Safety Analytics event viewer.

  • Continuous recording of HD quality video
  • Single click access to cloud stored video recordings of driver events at no cost
  • View recordings alongside second by second event replays


Watch the full Safety Analytics 3 minute demo now »

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