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Smart Dashcam - Quad

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Smart Dashcam - Quad

Intelligent Driver Safety

A new phase of intelligent driver safety is here. Where artificial intelligence turns video into meaningful insight, empowering you to drive change through personalized coaching and driver rewards. 

Powerful sensors and video AI enable the Smart Dashcam - Quad to review every minute of footage in real-time so you can understand driver behavior like never before. With AI doing the heavy lifting you can identify actions to reward, areas to improve and create the most accurate driver scores.

The driver app digitizes coaching and creates a balanced approach to performance tracking that you and your drivers can trust. With real-time visibility into scores, coaching events and videos you can launch a safety program that encourages participation and accelerates improvement. Explore the solution in the video below.

Key Product Features

  • Four high-definition cameras with built-in low ambient light sensor and wide-angle lenses that capture a large degree of the road environment at any time of the day and night.
  • Video AI reviews every minute of driving time to provide insight into positive behaviors and opportunities for improvement. 
  • Wide range of alerts including collision avoidance, distracted driving, phone use (talk and text), drowsy driving, seat belt use, following distance, posted speed limit, traffic light violations and stop sign violations.
  • Compound event reporting provides additional context, examples include hard brake after lane change or following to close when distracted. 
  • Event dashboard shows driver scores and recorded events alongside video footage. The inbuilt coaching function enables you to instantly share events with your drivers via the driver app.
  • Real-time audio alerts help drivers instantly correct dangerous behaviors and avoid collisions. 
  • Built-in scorecard system provides visibility into fleet wide and individual driver scores. 
  • Dedicated smartphone app for drivers to review performance and footage, along with feedback and coaching on how to improve safety and performance. 

Smart Dashcam - Quad

Technical Specifications

Smart Dashcam

CPU: Dual-Core NVIDIA Denver 2 64-bit CPU & Quad-core ARM Coretex A57 MPCore 

GPU: NVIDIA PascalTM architecture with 256 NVIDIA CUDA cores

Video Encoding: MP4, 1080p H.265 @ 30fps 

Video Format:
HD videos for limited time
SD lower resolution for long-term storage 

IMU - Accelerometer + Gyro, Temperature, Ambient Light 

Smart Dashcam

Pixel Size:
Outward - 2.8μm OmniBSI-2 pixel
Inward - 3μm x 3μm
Left & Right - 3μm x 3μm

Outward - 1920 x 1080p / 30fps
Inward - 1920 x 1080p / 30fps 
Left & Right - 720p / 30fps

Dynamic Range:
Outward - >90dB dual capture >120dB HDR mode
Inward - 72dB (not true HDR)
Left / Right - 72dB (not true HDR)

Field of View:
Outward - 74° (Horizontal)  57° (Vertical)  90° (Diagonal)
Inward - 148° (Horizontal) 80° (Vertical) 168° (Diagonal)
Left & Right - 127° (Horizontal) 82° (Vertical) 143° (Diagonal)

Outward - 6G - Visible
Inward - 6G + IR Filter (Dual Band) 
left & Right - 2G2P - Visible w/ IR Filter

Smart Dashcam

Storage: 16GB eMMC (System) + 128GB eMMC (Video), expandable to 256GB

Memory: 4GB LPDDR4 @1600MHz 

Smart Dashcam

Supported Bands: 
4G LTE (Cat3) – Band 25,26

SIM Connector: No, embedded SIM

Wi-Fi: Yes, 802.11 ac 

Bluetooth: Yes, v4.0 

Audio: Integrated microphone and speaker for alerts 

Smart Dashcam

Dimensions (LxWxH): 189.9mm x 78.9mm x 118.5mm

Color: Black

Case Material: Polycarbonate (PC)

Power Cable Length / Thickness: 3 meters / 5.3mm 

LEDs: 2 

Driver Alert Button: Yes 

Smart Dashcam

Input Voltage: 10V-30V 

Input Current (full operation): 12V / 3A 

Max Power Consumption: 30W 

Shutdown Mode Power Consumption: 
Current (A) 14mA @ 12V
Power (W) 168 mW
Average Power Consumption with 38.7mAh*

*The Smart Dashcam wakes periodically to perform health check

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