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25% Of Vehicles Failed One Big Inspection - Copy

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More than 24 percent of trucks and buses, along with roughly 4 percent of drivers, were taken off the road and placed out of service following the conclusion of Roadcheck 2013, an annual 72-hour inspection extravaganza conducted by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA).

The CVSA inspected 73,023 trucks and buses and placed nearly 17,600 of the vehicles off the road during this year’s Roadcheck held June 4-6. The inspections placed emphasis on cargo securement, which was responsible for just under 12 percent of the out-of-service violations that were issued.

In general, brake systems are typically the largest cause of out-of-service violations, according to the CVSA. And this year was no different as nearly half of the out-of-service violations were the result of brake adjustment or other brake system violations. Other major contributors were lights violations (12.6 percent) and tires and wheels (10.1 percent).

Hours of Service violations were the largest contributor to placing over 3,000 drivers out of service as 51.8 percent of drivers did not comply. False logs made up 13.2 percent, disqualified drivers accounted for 10.2 percent, and suspended licenses were responsible for 5.2 percent of out-of-service violations.

The yearly Roadcheck program is the largest targeted enforcement program on commercial vehicles in the world. On average, approximately 14 trucks or buses are inspected every minute from throughout North America during a 72-hour period in early June.

Each year, around 10,000 CVSA-certified local, state, provincial and federal inspectors at 1,500 locations in the Canada, Mexico and the United Stated perform the truck and bus inspections.

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