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3 Things Fleet Managers Can't Do Without GPS Fleet Tracking

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You would expect an article that discusses GPS fleet tracking and asset management software to describe all the things that these services will do for you, the fleet manager. That’s covered in other articles here and here. To get a good idea of how essential today’s telematics and U.S. fleet tracking have become for a business like yours, consider also the day-to-day operations in which not having GPS for fleet maintenance and safety can result in real inefficiency — and loss.

Can't Have Proper Detail Cost Control

You already have it within your power to keep costs down in your business, and you monitor expenses on a daily basis. Part of your job is in keeping a close eye on overhead, fuel and maintenance and making value judgments on where there are places to trim the budget.

GPS fleet tracking magnifies your ability to reduce expenditures, because it allows more precise management in places where the money goes. For example, with GPS fleet tracking you can tighten up on routing and cut the number of miles driven.

That provides several immediate benefits: reduced fuel costs, fewer engine hours and decreased vehicle maintenance, less likelihood of drivers exceeding their hours of service (and the related fines) — and possibly more deliveries per day. That means lower costs and more profit.

Can't Properly Enhance Driver Safety

How does GPS fleet tracking help you to protect your drivers’ well-being on the road? Being able to locate precisely where your fleet assets are means that you can step in and render assistance when needed. You can dispatch tow or repair vehicles with pinpoint accuracy, shortening wait times and, if medical attention is required, getting aid to the spot when minutes are crucial. In some conditions, particularly in bad weather, it can take quite a while for recovery services to find a disabled truck. With GPS fleet tracking you’ll eliminate a lot of the guesswork in that.

Knowing how your drivers are doing on the road includes an awareness of how they’re driving. With many GPS fleet tracking systems, you can stay aware of driver behaviors such as speeding and harsh braking. This will help fleet managers identify problem areas and develop training and corrective measures that will not only afford your drivers more physical safety but help improve their career skills, for their financial safety.

Can't Properly Monitor for Security

Commercial vehicles are a sizable investment — the biggest financial outlay in a trucking business. A vehicle load is also a substantial expense, which is entrusted to you by your customer. Protecting your interests and your clients’ property is another instance where GPS fleet tracking gives you information that’s available no other way. Global positioning hardware and software gives you precise knowledge of where everything is, in real time. No parking or storage facility is 100 percent secure, but the moment any vehicle begins to move, you’ll see it.

That way you can prevent losses before they happen. By monitoring vehicle movement, fleet tracking allows you to detect any unauthorized use, including after-hours driving by employees as well as theft of vehicles or cargo.

With improved security, GPS fleet tracking may help lower your insurance premiums — another cost savings.

Operating costs, driver safety, security measures: these are everyday concerns for any fleet manager. Your experience and know-how helps you deal with these successfully. But GPS fleet tracking is the tool that extends your ability to maximize efficiency and productivity in each.

Without GPS, you’re coping with limited resources — and given those conditions, you’re a pretty good fleet manager. When you have it, you’re a great one.

For more information, on the benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking, please visit: Vehicle Tracking Systems

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