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3 Ways To Declare Independence From Cargo Theft


On the Fourth of July, Americans celebrate liberty. Unfortunately, the holiday is also a popular time for theft groups to “liberate” cargo.  Security firm FreightWatch International reports the Fourth isn’t alone; the transport of goods tends to pause over holidays of all types, creating a situation where loads sit unattended for long periods of time, and organized theft groups are quick to take advantage.

There is no one way to combat cargo theft. Instead, carriers can create organized security plans that utilize a variety of tools. These tools include physical security, information security, and GPS tracking.

Physical Security

Keeping cargo physically secure is the first step. Locks and security personnel at warehouses to ensure loads are tied down properly are all basic security measures.  However, locks and rope cannot prevent theft all by themselves, but they can reduce opportunistic crime and force organized criminals to invest more time and effort into places where such security measures are not taken. Additionally, working with drivers and training them to follow securement protocols can also reduce outside theft.

Information Security

Thieves cannot go after cargo they don’t know about, so organized criminals actively investigate and follow potential targets, even sometimes infiltrating the staff of a company to learn the internal operations. If something unusually valuable is going to be sitting on the loading dock over a long weekend, it would be best if as few people know about it as possible. Loose lips sink ships, as they said back in World War II—or, in our case, trucks.

GPS Tracking

Modern tracking devices do wonders for catching thieves. The devices can be set to send an alert to fleet managers if a truck leaves a certain geographic area or even turns on when it shouldn’t. Teletrac’s location detection and smart anti-theft tools allow owners to investigate and, if a theft is really in progress, they can call the police. Sometimes the thieves can even be caught before they leave the lot. If not, the tracker allows police to follow the vehicle and not only arrest the criminals but, often, return the goods. The tracker itself is hidden and tamper-proof, so thieves cannot disable or remove it. Teletrac’s Fleet Director offers real-time detection and around the clock support, all 365 days per year at 1-800-ITS-STOLEN.

Although holiday cargo theft often focuses on stationary, unattended loads, it’s worth noting that in collaboration with physical and information security, GPS tracking can be a lifesaver for drivers in the event of theft. So relax this Fourth of July, enjoy the fireworks, and rest assured your fleet and cargo is safe with the help of GPS tracking software. 

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