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How to Increase Fleet Productivity and Viability
Fleet service companies that were successful 10 years ago would find it impossible to thrive in today’s world if they didn’t update their business practices.

The adoption of innovative ideas and technologies is essential for any fleet service company to prosper in 2014 and beyond. So don’t rely on old school techniques and expect to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Check out these five big ways that will help make your fleet more profitable.

1. Emphasis on Customer
For years, cost proficiency and operational efficiency were the two focal points of any successful business. But customer service has become the all-important third factor in increasingly competitive marketplace. Dissatisfied customers can easily switch service providers, causing lost revenue and a poor reputation for the company.

2. Preventative Maintenance
No one likes having to deal with services that have broken down. Preventive maintenance provides service organizations a way to separate themselves from the competition. Emergencies aside, service technicians that came to save the day used to be welcomed with open arms, they are now seen as an inconvenience that must be dealt with. The top organizations have become extremely proficient at monitoring their resources and customer usage trends to recognize potential breakdowns and make sure that a technician can be sent out to resolve the problem before it develops into a larger issue.

3. Make Data Valuable
Many fleets now have the capability to track and accumulate data on their equipment, vehicles, employees and customers. Each provides a great amount of data, but many service organizations do not make use and draw insight from this information. Without constructing a strategy around the understanding of the data that is brought in from these interactions, service organizations are simply creating additional expenditures to their business.

4. Practical Mobile Investments
Just about everyone has a smartphone or device, but that doesn’t mean they need to be constantly updated. Service-based fleets do need up-to-date technology, as long as it’s practical. The biggest thing to remember is that these mobile devices should be in place to help technicians resolve issues while in the field, and not something that is impractical or difficult to use.

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