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4 steps to ensuring successful ELD implementation

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Now that you’ve evaluated the field of technology providers, and selected the ELD solution that best fits your fleet’s needs, it is time to begin the installation and training phase.

Installing the device into a cab is a relatively fast and straightforward process—especially when leveraging the expertise and support of your technology provider. Once installation is complete, the next critical stage of implementation is facilitating a comprehensive training program for everyone in the organization. This includes not only the drivers who are using ELDs daily, but those who do not directly interact with the devices, such as dispatchers, back office employees, compliance managers and other support personnel.

With three months left until the ELD ‘finish line,’ we’ve determined the top four ways to position your fleet for success during implementation:

  1. Create logins for drivers and administrators
  2. Provide training for drivers, managers and other ELD users
  3. Retain data on separate systems
  4. Identify a ‘champion’ of ELD adoption

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